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Celts Offer Rondo $9 Million, He Wants $12 Million

Finally some detailed numbers on the Rondo contract negotiations, courtesy Jeff Goodman of WEEI/Fox:

A source close to the situation has told Jeff Goodman of WEEI.com and FoxSports.com that the Celtics’ offered point guard Rajon Rondo
a contract extension worth five years and $45 million, with Rondo’s
representatives asking for between $55-60 million over the same number
of years. The Celtics presented their offer to Rondo’s reps in a
meeting, Monday night. Rondo is eligible to become a restricted free
agent at the end of the 2009-10 season.

Celtics are offering $9 million per year. Rondo wants between $11 and $12 million per year.

How about 5-years, $52 million? Damn, I should have gone into mediation.

Heads up to everyone. John and I will hold a live blog tonight during the game and a live call-in show at 10pm.

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  • Alex

    Rondo is asking for too much money… I think $9million is reasonable.
    I believe he would have gotten more money if he knew how to shoot. He had numerous years to learn how to shoot a lot better but he’s just improved a little so far.
    $9million a year ($10million MAX).

  • ANtoinew8

    I understand Rondo’s side of this, that he wants to get as much money as he can. But he’s got to have seen what Glen Davis went through this past-offseason, and realized that being a restricted Free agent, you’re not going to get close to what YOU think you’re worth. Plus with the great un-restricted free agent class this upcoming year, there’s no way anyone’s going to offer him anymore than the 9 million that the celtics just did. 10 is the best he could possibly hope for.
    Likely what will happen if he stays stubborn in the off-season, is that he’ll sign a one year deal at 8-9 million then become an unrestricted free agent hoping to get more money then. But that’s a dangerous way to go. Suppose he gets hurt, or he doesn’t get a consistant Jump shot by then. No one will pay him top dollar.
    His agent is steering him wrong here too, building up his ego bigger than he already has it, probably saying “You smoked all those top PG’s last year, you should be making top dollar like them.” When really, he’s still in that second tier until he has that jumper. 9 million is a fair offer.
    Here are some of the top PG’s salaries to compare him too:
    Chris Paul – 13.6 mil
    Deron Williams – 13.5 mil
    Steve Nash – 13.1 mil
    Tony Parker – 12.6 mil
    Chauncey Billups – 12.1 mil
    Baron Davis – 12.1 mil
    Mo Williams – 8.8 mil
    Devin Harris – 8.4 mil
    Jose Calderon – 8.2 mil
    Jason Kidd – 8.1 mil
    Jameer Nelson – 8.1 mil
    9 million is perfect for what he’s worth.

  • G4L

    Great break down. With all that said I agree 9 or 10mill is more than fair.

  • Lakerhater

    Saw this crap coming a mile away. I said it last week, Danny would be wise to wait and see what the end of the year brings to see if he wants to match qualifying offers. Why would he bid against himself? Besides, I like the idea of Rondo playing to earn more money this year, should up his motivation.
    Fire your agent Rondo, he’s a tool.

  • Joseph

    Rondo won’t be a Suckdic next season. A team like NY (Rondo fits D’Antoni’s style of play), Altanta (they will be under the cap and could use a point guard) or even Miami will go after him. All those teams are under the salary cap next year and all need point guards.
    Bye bye Rondo

  • Are you familiar with the term “restricted free agent” and what that means?

  • DRJ

    – Rondo will not be as valuable or desirable to other teams as he is to the Celtics. He fits perfectly here, but not so perfectly elsewhere.
    – The guards making the bigger bucks are all vets. Rondo’s a kid and wants their money now? No way. His agent is screwing him over with his stupidity.
    – The most interesting thing about all this for me is… will we now see Lester Hudson get more burn time? Lester’s got the skills and potential… will they try to groom him in the unhappy event they lose Rondo in 1-2 years?

  • Can we (the fans) really lose in this situation? Seems to me that if he has a breakout season and he’s offered more than he’s asking right now, the Celtics can still match any offer. The owners might kick themselves but it’s their money. Also, with the cream of the crop free agents next year is anyone going to risk making an offer to Rondo when they know the Celtics can match it at the very last minute? They’d run the risk of the Celtics matching and losing out on whatever free agents signed while they waited for a move from the Celtics.

  • Finn G.

    Although I agree that they should compromise around 10.5 mil per season I think ANtoinew8’s list is a little misleading.
    Erick Dampier, Dallas, 7 years/$73 million
    Andrei Kirilenko, Utah, 6 years/$86 million
    Zach Randolph, Memphis, 6 years/$84 million
    Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee, 5 years/$72 million
    Luol Deng, Chicago, 6 years/$81 million
    Samuel Dalembert($10,500,000)
    Wally Szcerbiak($13,000,000)
    Larry Hughes ($12,827,676)
    Shawn Marion ($17,000,000)
    I know these are these are extremes but its important to see that there’s two sides to the story. I don’t think Rondo’s being unreasonable. The other key to Rondo is that he’s young, with major potential, and has shown he can work well with stars (which could mean that a team that picks up Lebron, Wade, Bosh, etc in 2010 would want him to complement their star).
    Just food for thought…

  • Joseph

    Doesn’t matter if he is restricted. NY, Atlanta or even Miami will be stupid enough to overpay him so much that Boston won’t match.

  • Joseph

    Doesn’t matter if he is a restricted free agent. NY, Atlanta or even Miami will be stupid enough to overpay him and Boston won’t match

  • Cris

    I get why Rondo wants more money. In the NBA the higher the amount of money they make, the more valuable they are considered to be. But,really, the Celtics are making this deal because they need him. They are practically begging him to stay because they know this kid has potential and he is valuable. Right now, they don’t have that much money to work with so thats why they are offering $9 million but really, that is a lot and if he can’t see that then he must be blind. Anyway, I hope that Rondo makes the right decision and stays with the Celtics.