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Report: Rondo, Celtics Not Close to a Deal

Via HoopsHype:

The Celtics and Rajon Rondo’s agent Bill Duffy are scheduled to meet Tuesday in Cleveland, writer Peter May
has learned. The two sides are not close on a contract extension right
now. Unsurprisingly, the main issue is money and not the length of the

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  • FSantos33

    I am guessing Rondo/Agent is negotiating for 11 to 13 per year

  • Nora

    Greedy athletes…

  • Nora

    Really hard to sympathize with athletes making millions. LOL

  • rcry

    if you were in there position, wouldn’t you negotiate for everything that you could get?

  • rcry


  • Danno

    I think I’d take 8-9 million a year to stay with the Celtics and have a decent chance of contending, than to take 12 million to go play somewhere awful like the Knicks or Clippers.