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Report: Davis Out 6-8 Weeks

Chuck - Red's Army October 26, 2009 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Report: Davis Out 6-8 Weeks

Via Gary Tanguay:

Big Baby out 6-8 weeks with a broken hand

I guess it could have been worse. After the initial reports, I was fearing some type of surgery required ligament damage.

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  • JD

    If this is the worst thing that happens for the first half of the season, I’ll gladly take it. We have enough big men depth to get through it.

  • Alex

    As much as I love Big Baby, I just think this is one of the stupidest things that could have happened. I honestly don’t believe there was any altercation. I think him and his friend were messing around, probably wrestling, and he broke his hand in the process.
    How could a friend who is visiting him from Louisiana manage to get pissed off to the point of breaking Big Baby’s hand…

  • nick

    Greaaaat Oppurtunity 4 Shelden Williams. I love this signing and I feel this guy is a MUCHHHH better player 4 this team than Leon Powe. He’s a great team and 1 on 1 defender. We have 2 get this guy time even when Big Baby is healthy.

  • Ok Shelden….This is God-you owe me one.

  • Yo Nick-did you get a Twitter yet?

  • Shelden..this is God-you owe me one.

  • Oppurtunity for shelden, but honestly this is just terrible timing from big baby…

  • Magic12

    WOW, before even the season start the Celtics are banged up Baby OUT for 8 week possibly 10 or 11 yes GO MAGIC!!!!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    …..not just a big baby, but a retarded big baby.

  • DRJ

    “I guess it could have been worse”?? How, if he dropped dead? It’s pretty bad.
    And Scal’s out too, with a sprained ankle, probably for another week or two.
    Our deep team just got a lot shallower. Should be ok, no problem… but ya never know.

  • sleep well all this my plan for tomm.
    Wake up
    Shower shave other stuff
    Check RedsArmy
    9am Breakfast, Eggs, Bacon (mmmmmmm Bacon), Biscuts with gravy, and deep fried hash browns. Drink Rolling Rock, it is green and it goes great with breakfast food.
    Check RedsArmy
    10am watch Celtic Pride and Larry Legend video, while finishing 12 of rolling Rock.
    Checking RedsArmy while I pause the DVD to Pee
    1:30pm Start emailing Cavs fans (that I know) how we are going to kick their butts and fat Shaq looks
    2:00pm order some type of Food that is delivered
    Check Redsarmy and tear into Sam Adams Sampler pack
    2:30pm food should be here.
    Check RedsArmy
    3:00pm call my 2 buddies the Cavs fans to leave work early and pick me up and go to the bar.
    Check Redsarmy
    3:30 at bar having first shot. from that point forward it is any ones guess what will go on!!!!!I can not wait to watch the Celtics beat the B-Jesus out of the CaVs GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Boston!!!!!! I love the first game of the Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FUCK YES. My plan would be similar, but I have to work and have this huge software upgrade. But you better believe come 7:30pm…IT IS ON LIKE POPCORN.

  • NineSevenEight

    Yeah, cheer for an opponents injury because that’s the only chance your team has to win. You must have thrown a parade when KG went down last year. Stay Classy.