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Rate This Lakers Bench Ritual

Chuck - Red's Army October 26, 2009 Uncategorized 30 Comments on Rate This Lakers Bench Ritual

The scrubs players on the Lakers bench have come up with this cute ritual.

What do you think?

Does it suck really bad or suck just a little?

Let us know in the comments…

(Courtesy SI.com/Extra Mustard)

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  • G4L

    Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.. but fitting for a Lakers team with Kobe, Odom, Sasha, & artest.

  • look at the black guy on the far right, he is like 20 seconds behind the other guys, what a turbl effort

  • Pat

    very gay. some college hopps teams were doing this back in the late 80’s

  • thetitleisours


  • thetitleisours

    Maybe if they were the Rock-ettes they could get away with this
    Next thing that will happen is the Laker’s bench will be singing “It’s Raining Men” 😉

  • Joseph

    This Laker bench still beat you Boston Suckdic a**es last year …. TWICE in fact. HAHAHAH

  • PutDJintheHall

    its from Major league, it was gay in the movie

  • Wasn’t this on Major League… ah, someone already commented. I thought it was a good montage filler in the movie though.
    Remind anyone of Girls’ softball?

  • Not to keen on this. Whether it’s Fakers or not I just don’t like it.

  • Cool16

    Man it`s just a a ritual calm down people calm down

  • thetitleisours

    Who is the Laker’s bench choreographer? Dr. Ben Dover?

  • Alex

    I thought it was pretty funny, but it’s going to get old very soon.

  • Haha

    Thank god NBA implemented this rule…now there won’t be dumbass celtics player screaming at peoe when they shoot..

  • Lee in Oregon

    thats’s even sillier than Sheeds’ little dance routine he did in D’Toilet.

  • John Cocktoasten

  • thetitleisours

    Ha! I had not heard that one

  • .

    c’mon this is easy. even if it were another team its rated ghey

  • Let me guess – you’ve never seen the movie ‘Fletch?’ It’s an 80s classic.

  • OMG freakin LAME!

  • Is this a basketball team or a Monty Python sketch?

  • thetitleisours

    Saw most of the Vacation movies but I missed those. Sounds like a future rental

  • Lakerhater

    And if you think their bench antics are gay, just wait till you get a load of these kids in the locker room.

  • Upinsmoke003

    I think it is pretty cool . . . . The same way I think swollen members in my mouth are cool

  • wow, this is helping me prove to my lakers-fan friend how gay they actually are

  • Sr Swish


  • dom1020

    Hey, at least they are trying to have some fun in pre-season and not getting into fights, I mean who gets into fights in a pre-season gam- – – oh wait a minute… Well at least we have ring night to look fowar- – – nope nope nope, never mind,BIG MIX UP GUYS IM DESCRIBING THE CELTICS SORRY!
    Just ignore that, lets talk about something else sports related,hey look the World Series is coming up, Man those yankees are looking good huh?

  • KY Celts fan

    That is such a lame argument considering the Magic beat the Lakers in both reg. season meetings. Heretofore, two games during the regular season mean NOTHING!

  • KY Celts fan

    Sure are. And so are the Dodgers and the Angels… oh wait, both LA teams got their asses kicked.

  • PutDJintheHall

    dom1020 said.
    thats some witty banter you got going on..
    did you think it all up by yourself?

  • Awful ritual. I think it should be considered under the player’s conduct regulations and be a fineable offense. Why can’t players just sit down and watch the game, anyway?