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Best logo in the NBA

RedsArmyAdmin October 26, 2009 Uncategorized 21 Comments on Best logo in the NBA

Celtics logo

Jared Wade has spent the offseason ranking every logo in the NBA on Both Teams Played Hard.

Now that the season is about to start… we've finally come to #1.  And of course… it's ours.  I helped him out by explaining why it's so awesome.

Just look at him. He’s laying back, chillin’ in a gold lamé vest and
bow tie. And he’s winking at you as he spins that basketball on one
finger. Why is he winking? Is it because he’s got the dexterity to
smoke, lean on his shillelagh and spin the ball all at the same time?
Is it because he knows he can keep that ball spinning as he pokes holes
in you with the sharpened end of that stick? Is it because he knows he
can drop the shillelagh and cross you over while blowing pipe smoke in
your grill before finding the back door cutter for the dunk?

Yes, yes and yes.

That's just part of my love for Lucky.  Head on over to get the rest of my gushing.

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  • G4L

    True that!

  • thetitleisours

    Our logo is classic and meaningful to the city. And by those standards the “Laker’s” logo is the dumbest one in the league lol

  • G4L

    Top three Ugliest Logos.
    1. Raptors
    2. Thunder
    3. Wizards

  • Orb

    Not to mention it was drawn by Red’s brother, which is awesome. Even more awesome was that his name was Zang Auerbach. Rock on, Zang’s Army.

  • ill take it a step farther, best logo in all of sports

  • Joseph

    A gold vest and a bow tie with clovers on it? Kinda f*ggy to me. Of course that’s what I would expect from the minds of Bostonians.

  • NineSevenEight

    What is this, seventh grage? “F@ggy”? Seriously? If the Celtics logo is so “f@ggy,” your own words, then what’s the explanation for the Lakers “ritual”? They sure look cozy crossing their legs in unison. Maybe for the opener they’ll show off their tuck game.

  • NineSevenEight

    Perfect example of why responding to trolls weakens brain cells.

  • Joseph

    grage???? HAHAHA, I think you were dumb to begin with. I mean you think the Suckdic logo is cool. It’s f’n hideous.

  • Try “I think you ARE dumb to begin with” or “I THOUGHT you were dumb to begin with”. If you’re going to chastise a person as stupid for a typo you might as well get the grammer correct.

  • NineSevenEight

    You look smart for pointing out something that I already corrected. Rhodes Scholar you are.
    And I’m “dumb to begin with” but you still convince yourself that Suckdic rhymes with Celtics…I think you just like writing suckdic because it’s what you do on a daily basis Joseph. You have suckdic on the brain. Clearly. Get back to it.


  • Nathan

    Yeah Best logo in the NBA. A white dude representing a team with a majority African American players. Yeah best logo in the NBA…

  • Nathan

    Every Brother reading this is shaking their heads. Yeah the Brothers.

  • but just think of how Scal is feeling

  • BlahBlah

    I still don’t get why Celtics fans brag about 11 championships that were won before they were even born….I’m just sayin’….
    This is the real number…
    Lakers: 10 Championships
    Celtics: 6 Championships

  • Of course, history only starts the day you are born

  • I know you are just a troll and all, but seriously the name of the team is the “Celtics”. Think about it.

  • trollsaregay

    It is a Leprechaun dude, not a human
    And how much sense does the Laker’s logo mean. Fish at any LA Lakes, lately?

  • Nathan

    Yes, I have… @Agua Dulce; 9 pound pike. Catch & release. Buurrrrnt

  • Nathan

    Come with a better answer. Ahaha “I know you’re just a troll and all” What the fuck is up with kids and these blogs. Lakers, Cavs, Boston, all teams of all NBA fans. This ain’t trolls bitches & barbies. This is basketball