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Baby suffers mysterious hand injury

The Herald has the story…..

Glen Davis was not at practice today because of a “hand injury” that seems rather mysterious at this point.

Doc Rivers said the injury did not occur at practice and that Davis
was sent for X-rays. Rivers also did not know what hand was injured or
how it happened.

Sources, however, are saying now that it is Davis’ right thumb that is injured and that the full extend is unknown.


I'd hate for this to be related to part of his MMA training.  I like that he's doing that.

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  • If it was Baby’s thumb, then we def. know why it hurts: he sat on it.
    Or maybe Sweetney sat on it…

  • Alex

    Oh great, this is a great sign…
    Walker gets injured, Tony Allen gets injured (as usual), Scal gets injured, and now it’s Big Baby.
    I really hope there is no serious injury bug around the C’s.

  • Walk

    via Scal’s twitter page
    “Baby reached for my donuts, poor decision”

  • shiiiiit, just heard on WEEI that Davis could be lost for significant time and probably needs surgery…
    Looking at it positively, this could get sheldon williams integrated and earn a spot in the rotation even when BBD comes back…but otherwise this sucks

  • I was told from a friend who works at House of Blues on Landsdowne that he was having some drinks there last night. Hopefully he didn’t hurt the thumb after that!
    Also, I’m told he got engaged recently. Not sure if that is old news but it was news to me. Anyone know who the lucky lady is??

  • Matty-he’s been dating Jenna Gomez since 2007. She’s a baller too-played at Tufts and was pretty damn good too. She’s on the left in this pic:

  • Nice.  Good looks KWAPT!  But I'm more concerned now with the injury.  Looks like he'll be out at least a few WEEKS?  WTF?  Latest thing I heard was that he got into a fight with his FRIEND?  Again I say WTF???

  • Yeah man-Tanguay from CSN just confirmed he's out 6-8 weeks. The hand is broken. I'm sure alot more details will be coming out tonight/tomorrow. WTF is he doing?!