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Baby could miss significant time

More from the Herald.  Apparently, he was defending himself in some kind of fight.

Davis underwent X-rays today and will have to get further tests to
determine the full extent of the damage. Surgery could be required.

According to sources, this was a non-basketball injury. It happened
Sunday night when he got into an altercation with a friend, a former
teammate, who was visiting from Louisiana.

Davis was reportedly defending himself.

Great.  Just great

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  • Much like NASA we always question a need for it, but when we need it, it is there, and we call it. Scallie!!!!!

  • yep. he always finds his way into the lineup, doesn’t he?

  • Ugh. Not good BBD. They were probably horsing around.
    “hey Baby, I hear you’re learning some nasty moves in MMA.. bet you can’t tap me out”

  • Gant

    This is not good.
    I guess it was smart to bring in Shelden Williams instead of waiting for Leon. This was the scenario that made it happen.
    The Celtics only have 4 big bodies now and Scalabrine’s out too. So much for resting Garnett. Also Shaq could easily get them into foul trouble.
    Where’s Sweetney when you need him?

  • Jp

    Seems like the only thing that truly isn’t good is the mystery about how the injury happened. Things happen, players get hurt on and off the court each year, let’s just wait a few days to find out how it happened and then panic. Let him sit out for a while. Give ‘Sheed more minutes early to brush up more on the offense and defense. That seems like a windfall to me. Give time to Williams too.
    So we blow teams out in the first three quarters then play the bench. I’m ok with that all season. We win AND the older guys (who apparently are one foot in the grave already) get the rest they (so desperately) need.
    Bring it all, we’re the Champs damnit!!!

  • Lakerhater

    HELL YES SCALLIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    I heard Big Baby needs to see a proctologist. I don’t know what you Suckdics do in the locker room, but look, it has resulted in someone needing surgery.

  • Scal is out too. This is not good, but right now, I am so amped that the season is starting, oh well-we’ll deal w/it-we always do. Now let’s get ready to RUMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DRJ

    BBD in or out should not be a game-changer… not on this team. But… I said this when the 16th-man-to-cut decision was being made… you can never have too many bigs. TA sits there, a useless bump on a log. Would rather have Sweetney on the bench. (Yeah, ok… they’re dreaming about trading TA later. Dream on, Danny… it’s the “greater fool” theory of basketball.)

  • G4L

    I think the C’s will be fine with out Baby for a while even if its a month or two

  • And it will-Tanguay from CSN just Tweeted “Baby out 6-8 weeks with broken hand.” Shelden Williams, lets go!

  • come baby!!!!! everything is going so perfect for us, and you have to go pick fights?
    at least we beat the cavs without him in the preseason, so maybe we’l be fine for a while. thank god we got sheed or we’d be screwed

  • Patrick C

    So right now we pretty much have to get Williams right?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    6-8 Weeks, now that is some significant time. That really is a let down, considering what everyone expected going into the season about this bench. May not be as productive as we once thought now that hes out for 2 months. A day before the season starts seriously? that is so irritating!!!

  • Danno

    Shouldn’t have cut Sweetney. Should’ve cut TA instead.