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“Now we know he’s a bleeder…”

The headline is a quote from Rasheed Wallace as he spoke about the cut Ray Allen suffered above his left eye during practice yesterday. The Globe has more details:

“You couldn’t see it, then all of a
sudden he’s laying down. Then you saw the blood and you’re saying, ‘Oh
no, I don’t think he’s faking.’ ’’

he was down for a while, Allen got up on his own power. He suffered a
cut above his left eye that required five stitches at New England
Baptist Hospital.

“He got hit pretty hard in the head and went down,’’ Rivers said. “I’m sure he had a buzz or something.’’

Rivers doubts that yesterday’s mishap will keep Allen out, but he said,
“That’s the one that hurts because you don’t expect those to come at
that time.’’

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  • paul

    Perkins is responsible for the injury of his teammates pretty frequently