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“Kings of the Mountain”

Sheed jumper

One of these days, Rasheed Wallace is going to come out of his shell and tell us what he really thinks about stuff.  C'mon Sheed… get off the fence. 

There is definitely an aura in the air that we can definitely go ahead
and be the kings of the mountain. It’s just a matter of us going out
there and doing it now. We all believe that we can.

We should all chip in and get him some classes to help build up his confidence.

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  • I support Wallace’s confident statement because as I can see, with their roster line up now, they seem so unbeatable. They have 4 strong veterans and a rising star in their first five and a couple of quality reserves on the bench. As long as they are all healthy, they can beat the Bulls’ 72-10 Season record (as he said before) and win another championship.