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KG: STFU about my knee already

Kg dunks knicks

I'm going to give everyone a little tip, here.  Quit it with the questions about KG's knee before he snaps and bites someone's face off.  Consider the answer he gave to that question yesterday a sort of warning shot.

“I just told you. That [stuff] is getting old, now. That [stuff]
getting real old. You’re going to have to sit in your offices and come
up with some new questions. Drink a little more beer now or whatever
gets you going to come up with your questions.”

Told that he’s likely going to hear that same question all season
long, Garnett replied, “You’re going to get the same answer, alright?"

Hell… I'M sick of the questions, and I'm only answering them on various shows every so often.  But the season hasn't even started yet… and KG hasn't gone to many opposing cities and dealt with their beat writers. 

So memo to other NBA beat writers:  drink a little more beer and find a different question.

(H/T: CelticsBlog)  

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Still waiting on that KG’s “I’ll Bite Yo’ Muthafuckin Face Off” shirt. 😉
    p.s. I added the swear words.

  • Antoinew8

    This is what i hate about the modern day media. They already have a story in mind when they go into a press conference or interview session and so they keep asking the same questions until they get the answer they need to write their columns. they should go back to the old days of asking broad questions and making a story about what the player says.
    Plus they need to open their darn ears and listen to the other reporters. I mean, How many times do you see at a Bill Belicek conference the same question asked three different times. i know sometimes they’re just proding the guy but seriously, grow up. Also they need to open their minds and look outside their own self-important worlds to understand that an athelete does probably a couple dozen interviews a week and gets asked the same questions, so don’t push it with the guy.
    This is why i applaud guys like Gilbert Arenas when he refused to do interviews, then after being fined just says one word answers, or the Rasheed Wallace classic line of “Both teams played hard, brotha.” Take that media hounds. Though, not you, redsarmy, you guys are cool.

  • JD

    Hahaha I love KG and his quotes

  • Jason

    Couldn’t agree more. If you ask a stupid question you deserve a you stupid answer. This is why, despite the way media wanted us to think of Bonds, for instance, I liked him. He disdained them and when he actually bothered to answer Qs like “How did you hit that nasty pitch?” His answer was “Talent.” That’s real and much better, IMO, than the PC BS non-answers you usually here.
    Anyway, if KG’s adamant his knee is 100%, that’s great. Unfortunately, he’s still not prime KG. His normal spring just isn’t there. It’s quite clear in watching him so far this preseason. It may be a game-shape issue, but it’s much more likely just normal aging. I mean we already knew his rebounding in two years in Boston are a far drop-off from his 14 a game in Minny. He’s still great, but each year he’s a little less the high-flyer he was.

  • nick

    K.G I love the guy but honestly HE is the one who needs to shut the fuck up, we all wana know what the deal is with him EVERY SINGLE time he plays on that balky knee, if he don’t wana respond, thats all fine and well but he should just shut the fuck up and stop excpecting people not to ask. I have never liked the way he deals with the media!

  • Mang tonio

    Heres one STFU and play instead of going to media and saying this shit prove them wrong

  • Nora

    How about instead of asking the inane questions how about they STFU and actually watch him play and give their opinon based off that. KG has already said what he has about his knee numerous times. I’m already sick of reading about it. Same question warrants same answer.

  • Mature
    The media are doing there jobs, no reason to try and insult them

  • Jason

    They’re just trying to do their jobs as lazily as possible and that’s worthy of scorn and insult. Stop trying to be a contrarion all the fucking time. That’s real mature.

  • Nora

    I want that job then although it would be pretty boring asking the same question over and over.