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Perk’s influences: KG… Eddy Curry… Kwame Brown. Wait, WHAT??? recently put up their conversation with Kendrick Perkins… and one of the first questions is "who were some of the guys who were big influences in getting you to the NBA?"

His answer is absolutely priceless.  He drops KG's name immediately… which is understandable.  Then he drops this gem:

"Believe it or not… Eddy Curry, Kwame Brown.  I seen those guys getting drafted and I played against those guys… so, you know I seen guys like Tyson Chandler being drafted… so I was like 'if they can do it, why not me?' so that was kinda like motivation."

Ha… I love it.  "Yeah… I saw those scrubs getting drafted and I thought 'THOSE guys are getting paid? Shoooooot… I gotta get mine!' "

Let me tell ya… I could listen to Perk talk all day.  The drawl… the deliberate delivery… the lack of B.S. and a "yeah, I said it" kind of attitude behind everything he says.  Pure awesome.

One other tidbit:  He came into the league at 323 pounds.  He's down to 270.  Damn, Perk.  You should give Sweetney some tips.

Sorry… couldn't resist one more shot.

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  • G4L


  • Jason

    People say lol all the time, but I’m literally laughing out loud because he’s gnawing on something the whole time he’s conducting this official interview. That kills me.

  • Jason

    Holy crap. That was a a Hall of Fame interview. Between gnawing the gum, the Forrest Gump delivery (speed and drawl), the directness and quality of his answers and that he’s clearly more interested in something that’s going around him than the interviewer’s questions, that’s was hilarious, brilliant stuff. Perk’s the man and a beast.
    Now, starting work on a counter to the two-dribble, fake drop-step, jump-hook because you’ve been scouted and EVERYONE knows it’s coming.

  • Mang tonio

    LOL kwame and eddy curry watever happend to that fat ass curry??????

  • Mike

    Riiiiight. Before you go calling those other guys scrubs, lets remember they have all put together comparable if not better seasons than Perk. Just 3 years ago Curry had a 19/7 season playing 81 games. Tyson has had better seasons in NO and Kwame had 11/7 as a Wizard. Perk’s best season was last year and he doesn’t exactly blow the other guys out of the park.

  • Nora

    He has a ring though and he plays defense.

  • Jason

    First of all, those two stats alone tell you rather little. Lots of point with low efficiency on bad teams? Not thanks. how about defense. Plus if those guys had that talent, but are now the butt of jokes, what does that say about their character and determination versus Perks? Perk, as he himself says, is the starting center on a championship team. He’s widely regarded as a top defensive center and it’s not like his offense is a liability.
    The only way this interview would have been better is if when asked how it was being a non-star among stars, he had said:
    “Non-star? I think I’m a star. I’m young and strong. I lock down the paint. I’m 6’10” and can barely jump, but I still block 2 shots a game, 6th in the league. I shined when our supposed defensive anchor went down. Superman couldn’t get within 10 feet of the rim against me one-on-one. I averaged 12/12 in the playoffs against Howard and the trio of Noah/Thomas/Miller all by myself. Seriously, my front court support was 6’8″, can’t-jump-four-inches, Big Baby. I still grabbed 12 boards. I was snubbed from the All-Defensive team and you can print that. I shoot 58%, 3rd in the league. Not a star? Shit. Watch what I do this year!”