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Doc: “I’m looking forward to sharpening our tools”

The Globe's Julian Benbow spoke with Doc Rivers about where the Celtics stand following the preseason:

After going 6-2 in exhibition games, with no major injuries, the
Celtics are comfortable with their preparation, though there are things
they still want to work on. Rivers said he has more plays he intends to
put in, and he’ll likely emphasize the things he was disappointed with
in the exhibitions – transition defense among them.

Doc also wants to remind us that the record isn't always an indicator of good play:

“Last year, I kept making a point when we were 16-1 we were horrible,
that we were playing horrible,’’ Rivers said. “People were laughing; I
believed that. I thought we were and it proved itself a little bit
right after that. So you just watch your team.’’

For those of you still not sold on Glen Davis' jump shot, you'll be happy to know that Doc wants to see more of BBD in the paint. With Rasheed Wallace floating around the perimeter, the team will need Baby to grab rebounds instead of taking jumpers. But the bigger adjustment for Davis will be the reduction in minutes:

“It’s real difficult to go back, from playing 30 minutes or even 35
on a good night, to playing 12 or 15 on a good night,” Davis said.
“There’s a lot of great players on this team.”

“I don’t know how to accept that yet,” he said. “I don’t know how to
do it yet. It’s not as if we’ve gone over it. Nobody tells me nothing.”

I assumed Doc would have told BDD (and every player) what their role and projected minutes will be for the upcoming season. If Glen needs some clarification, he can check out our pie charts.

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  • thetitleisours

    I hope Davis is not too disgruntled because of the contract fiasco.
    Team chemistry could be affected