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See Ya, Sweets

RedsArmyAdmin October 22, 2009 Uncategorized 21 Comments on See Ya, Sweets

Of course… as soon as I try to read into what the Celtics are thinking with Michael Sweetney… they cut him.  See ya Sweets.  We'll miss ya.

Yo… ding dong, man… ding dong

The good news is, the Celtics opened up two roster spots by cutting Sweetney.

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  • Jason

    I don’t know if this happens to others, but this site is a huge resource hog and responsible for at least 90% of the times my browser crashes. It’s not dog slow to load, but it’s still longer than all other sites, even the blind-your-eyes four-letter network. You guys have too many apps/links going on all around the margins. You’ve got to dump some or at least find more efficient ways to load/run them because they are bogging things down.
    Again, this is obviously only my experience. I’m wondering if others are experiencing the same or it’s just me.

  • Danno

    The site loads just fine.
    Update your browser, and dump your cache files.

  • That means we’ve got to stick another year with TA? Oh man… I hope they trade him at some point through the season

  • No suprise here…i know Doc was speaking about “keeping sweetney” that was rather transparent politician talk..I knew this was coming

  • DRJ

    Let’s hope they find a way to dump TA later in the year.
    As for Lester… I would not call him a “project”. He’s a lot less of a project than Rondo was in his first year (back when he had no jumper at all). I think Lester’s going to shine… his time will come and he’ll step up.

  • BigMck

    Sorry to hear that. This is the first complaint of this nature we’ve received in a long time.
    I’ve used Firefox, IE and Chrome and never had such crashing issues.
    As you would expect, I am on the site all day, every day and I find it loads no different than other blogs.

  • DRJ

    It does load a tad slower than other blog sites. Just a tad, though.
    Btw, while on the subject… is there a mobile version of this site?

  • Lester Hudson is a 24 yr old rookie who was picked 58th in the draft
    Rondo is a 23 yeard old veteran who has been a starter in the league going on 3 years and won a championship
    Theres a pretty big disparity there

  • Christopher

    It’s on the slower side for me, too, but not too bad. I’m running a MacBook on Firefox with 4 gigs of memory and Snow Leopard as my OS, so it’s pretty efficient, though…

  • DRJ

    True, but my point was on whether it’s fair to call Lester a “project”. If he’s a project now, then Rondo was an even bigger project when he first landed on the team. And look at how that turned out.
    Just sayin’… Lester’s got big potential, because he’s quick like Rondo, takes coaching very well, and has a very good jumper, including a 3-point shot… which Rondo never had, and still does not have. On the other hand, Rondo’s court vision and passing are as good as it gets in the NBA, which is what this particular team needs most. If/when Lester develops that aspect of his game… he could be great.

  • Rondo MAY have been a bigger project among entering the league (yet to be seen) because he was a 19/20 yr old kid who left college early…but no, after a year in the league he became a full time starter on a championship level team, was projected a better talent then Hudson (obviously)..Hudson is now 24 entering his first yeasr, barely made the league, and will barely play this season….and I wouldnt get to giddy about Hudsons jumpshot, hes not a known good shooter and those 2 3s he hit the other night should be considered rare and an aberration…
    Im rooting for Hudson to, but hes no rondo

  • Oh and while we’re on the subject of Lester developing aspects of his game, we once again must remember, rondo still has more upside and unknown potential then the older Hudson…and Rondo is already a veteran with a ring, and clearly twice the player hudson is right now

  • Jason

    What the hell are you two arguing? Seriously. Go read the back and forth. You’re just talking at each other without really reading or thinking about what the other said.
    As for this “debate”, Rondo’s got it head and shoulders over Lester in ALL facets of playing basketball (including height) except one. PLUS he’s a year younger with three years of NBA experience, postseason’s inclusive, under his belt.
    Lester started showing what he’s got in the last few games after he stopped thinking and just started balling. He’ll be useful for sure. It’s quite apparent he’s already beyond where Pruitt ever was, you know because when he dribbles he can actually get by an NBA caliber defender.
    Giddens, on the other hand, is still inside his own head. There’s been a play or two, when the clock was winding down and you saw him go into “no time to think, gotta go make a play” mode where you finally saw a ballplayer instead of the gawky spaz he’s been most other times. He’s convinced me the talent’s there but he just has to get over some hang-ups. He’s got 6 months to turn that corner or flip that switch so to speak, so no worries from me at this point. But it’s obvious he has nothing left to prove in the D-League. If he’s going to make the final step, he needs NBA seasoning.

  • DRJ

    Good points… but Lester only “barely” made it to the NBA because of his education history. In actual performance, let’s remember, he was #2 IN THE NATION in scoring in his senior year, and he also recorded over 7 rebounds and 4 assists per game, and had the first quad-double in Div I history.
    I know this is the NBA and all… but the kid’s got game. He could be great, if given the right coaching and half a chance. And 25 is NOT old… ahem. If that’s too old then the big 3 better be looking for nursing homes.
    Here’s a good article about Lester. The steal of the draft, some say…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    What’s with everyone arguing points and shooting them down. I completely see what DRJ is talking about, hes not saying hudson is better than rondo people can you read? Hudson did not just barely make it into the league are you kidding? He’s a good pickup and will be a good pro with the right coaching, there is nothing wrong with believing that and still knowing rondo is a stud and the for sure star of the future. God its like people think you can’t believe a rookie has talent, is there something wrong with that?

  • DRJ

    Yep… thanks for clarifying. (Of COURSE Rondo’s way ahead of Lester NOW… not arguing that at all. Just sayin’… kid’s got a lot of potential… and for me, it’s fun to watch him (hopefully) get there.)

  • the time I got to the bottom to comment, I forgot what the post was. Everything from browser problems to Rondo to Hudson..lmao! Ham on! Anyhow, this is no time to complain or argue-Opening Night is coming! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • In total agreement about J.R. He is thinking too much and worrying about execution alot rather than just playing ball. I honestly think though that w/out significant NBA level p.t., it’ll be hard for him to overcome it.

  • Great video selection once again by the crew at redsarmy

  • Michael Sweetney was cut today – he had promise – Sweetney was a solid player at Georgetown. He just never dominated the paint in the NBA

  • 25 is old by no means, but by NBA standards being a rookie at 24/15 is kinda rare