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Report: Rondo Extension By Oct. 31 Unlikely


Via Chris Sheridan of ESPN:

The Celtics' Rajon Rondo has become a potential All-Star after just
three years in the league. However, head coach Doc Rivers and GM Danny
Ainge have been pretty harsh toward Rondo over the course of the
summer. The Celtics actually attempted to trade Rondo before the draft.

While there's still a chance that the two sides agree to an
extension, a source close to the process told me it's unlikely. Rondo
wants All-Star money and the Celtics aren't convinced he'll handle a
five-year guaranteed deal well. It’s a classic maturity-vs.-talent
battle that the Celtics may ultimately lose.

If the Celtics are reluctant to give Rondo a five-year guaranteed deal, then this will be his last season in green. He's sure to get a five year offer once he becomes a restricted free agent.

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  • Walk

    Maybe I’m just reading this differently but it reads to me as if the Celtics are prepared to offer a 5 year deal but Team Rondo wants a longer / bigger deal. Possible?

  • Danno

    Three things I think about this:
    1. He still has no jump shot, and will always be the weak link in the Celtics Starting Offense that will allow other teams to free up a defender to roam and double the rest of the players on the court. Unless he magically develops a consistent NBA caliber 15-18 ft. jump shot in the next 6 months (something he’s been unable to do for the last 24 years), this will be our Achilles Heel. For this reason alone, I say let him play out the season without the extension and let someone else overpay him if he’s still unreasonable. Championship or none.
    2. I already like Lester Hudson’s game better. I know it’s only pre-season, but I don’t care. Kid’s got skills on both sides of the ball, plays like a vet, doesn’t get heated or attitude, and can shoot well.
    3. Prepare to have this thread absolutely torn to shreds with ToTheRuins crazy-ass Rondo-fellating paranoid histrionics to the point where it drives everyone away from the site yet again today.

  • PutDJintheHall

    Rondo is and will be an Elite player in the NBA for many years. I think he wants to be the best and will continue to work for it.
    He is a once in while talent, don’t kid yourself.
    The reason we lost to Orlando last year wasn’t because Rondo couldn’t shoot a 17 footer, its because KG wasn’t in the line up.
    The Celts would be goddam crazy not to sign him. With Rondo we are looking at another 10 years of good/great basketball.

  • You’re a fraud. Dumbest little incompetent celtics fan around..
    and Id like to punch the next person that says Lester Hudson is anywhere near rondo…its just funny

  • Rondo is the straw that stirs the drink…I love debbie downers who like to get on his case
    Hes a champion
    all team defense
    triple double in the playoffs…yet there are still incomptent buffoons who think hes our “weak point”
    actually our weak point is being old and slow, and rondo cures that, he makes 3 over the hill future hall of famers better players…I really think its an embarrasment to the team to have people berate the future of the franchise…and when and if he gets traded you will see the wheels fall off the franchise and this team…so be careful what you wish for frauds

  • JoeBlow

    I’d take Rondo over any of those one trick pony’s who can only shoot and score and do nothing else. Rondo’s the first true point guard since DJ and you’re all ready to let him go because of 1 weakness he has. Makes me sick.

  • Can I also say i think its fucking hilarious that celtics fan dont think this franchise pg deseerves 10 mil a season, yet we have a spot up, over the hill shooter making 19 mil a season

  • Danno

    Only insecure children like you threaten violence over the internet because of differeing opinions on players, tough guy.
    If ever there was a case for banning this moron from posting on Redsarmy – this is it.
    John, Chuck – your site is awesome – but this guy makes it completely unbearable to try and interact with the other fans here. Posts like this are the reason Sports leagues, teams, and players laugh off blogs like this one and give you guys no respect. He’s worse than the worst Lakers fans/trolls who come here.

  • its a win-win situation for people with basketball competence… if these complete and utter fools get what they want and rondo leaves, they will see the wheels fall of the frachise, and lester hudson be out of the league in 2 seasons…meanwhile rondo will be an all-star for many years to come and will be a winner no matter where he is, hopefully here, but if not i will take comfort in watching people like danno squirm while the celtics struggle for another 20 years to find a decent PG

  • Danno

    The one weakness he has is how you win the game of Basketball.

  • youre not a real celtics fan if you want to get rid of rondo, so i have no regards for you or your opinion…what kind of real celtics fan wants to get rid of the only good PG we have had in 20 years? thats just ignorance worse then lakers trolls? why because I support OUR players…get a clue

  • losing the Magic series had nothing to do with Rondo
    of course, like you said, no KG
    ray allen played terrible the entire series
    paul pierce got punked by turkoglu in game 7 at home
    —yet people like danno recreate history and blame it rondo not being a great shooter…yet he nearly averaged a triple double for the series

  • Um, hes a good scorer..that comment honestly just makes you look dumber ,if thats at all possible…and youre so close minded its sickening, go watch another sport, go become a fan of the phoenix suns..scoring is not all that matters

  • Danno – Defense, rebounding, passing, ballhandling, speed
    they dont matter…all that matters is a jumpshot
    hahahaha this guy.. not a real celtics fan

  • Danno – Players that shoot 50% for a season, and average 16/9/9 through 14 playoff games cant score
    and the 2nd to last pick in the draft could easily replace him
    stroke of genious this danno

  • Lex

    I’m going to try to be as politically correct as possible here. Anyone who thinks they own a monopoly on what constitutes being a better celtics fan than someone else is undoubtedly NOT A CELTICS FAN and doesn’t even understand what it means to be a Celtics fan or even what it means to root for the boston celtics or than it means to root for a professional basketball team that calls boston its home.

  • Sorry lex, no real celtics fan wants to get rid of the future of the franchise, especially after enduring the laundry list of garbage PGs we have had the last 20 years..
    and by the way, you kinda just said im not a real celtics fan, because i called someone else out….how come youre allowed, but not me? makes no sense, its hypocracy

  • Danno

    I have never, and will never say “I want to get rid of Rondo”.
    I want him to EARN his contract, not get a 10 year, All-Star Money deal because he has the benefit of playing with 4 potential Hall of Famers who cover up his glaring weaknesses and poor spoiled attitude.
    You would have recognized that if you actually read what I posted, but as always – you didn’t. You just started spouting off like Rondo is the Second Coming of Bob Cousy, and stated that everyone who disagrees with you deserves to be punched in the mouth.
    And listen to you – challenging my “fandom”. I was Born & Raised Celtics Green, dumbass. Season Ticket Holder. Played hoop all through Middle and High School. I’m from Dorchester, kid. Don’t fucking threaten me. You don’t know me.

  • G4L

    See this is why I like this guy.. he has his STRONG opinion, sticks with it & backs it up with good reasoning.
    With all that said I do like Hudson & I think he has some potential but to be realistic I think he could be this teams Eddy House(with more ball skills) of the future Or if he really peaks maybe a solid shooting gard but that would be a small lineup if he and Rondo were to ever start. Which is why he would be an Eddie House type player because he does have a good stroke.
    But to name Hudson the point of the future because of a few preseason games is kinda wacky. Think about it. Rondo has showed us 3yrs of progress & he’s still going to get better & he’s arguably a top 3 Point gaurd now!

  • how has rondo not already earned his contract?
    he makes next to nothing by NBA standards, and has given us championship PG play, all team defense, and 16/9/9 through 14 playoff games…thats called earning your money
    And dont start with this playing alongside 4 (4?) future hall of famers…first of all he proved that theory wrong last season when KG went down and rondos play went up, all the meanwhile getting average play from ray and paul
    He can play alonside and evenly distribute the ball to these “future hall of famers” easier said then done.
    hes the biggest bargain in the NBA right now, the 2nd best player from his draft, and hes not even asking for max money, thats a misconception…hes earned it, and its disrespectful to think otherwise

  • Danno

    “And dont start with this playing alongside 4 (4?) future hall of famers…first of all he proved that theory wrong last season when KG went down and rondos play went up,”

  • And let me apoligize for questioning your “fandom”
    but cmon, i just dont get the criticizm of rondo, hes just as important to this team as anyone, and hes flat out earned his money in this league, and if its not with us, i stand by my statement that we will fall off the map without him and endure many a year regretting losing him..
    How much basketball knowledge do you ultimately have if you think all that matters in basketball is a 17 ft jumpshot?

  • redStoolsArmy

    holy crap dude. i think you’ve made more than half the comments on this story. i agree with your assessments of rondo, but i also agree with danno that you make this site worse when you single-handedly take over the comments section.
    like i’ve thought all along, i think this is all a motivator for rondo, and they will undoubtedly extend him at some point. get it done danny.

  • OK – I’m calling a timeout.
    Disagreements and strong opinions are fine. Personal attacks are not (unless directed at Lakers trolls).
    EVERYONE on here is a real fan. Got it? It pisses me off to no end when someone says another person is not a real fan because that person doesn’t share your opinion. No one here is better than anyone else…. no one here is a better fan than anyone else. No one.
    So basically – cut the shit. Argue over Rondo and where he is in his progression all you want. But the personal attacks are just bullshit and they have to stop.

  • In case you missed it, Chis Paul, Deron Williams, Tim Duncan, Lebron James, Paul Pierce, etc etc etc…they also lost
    (ray allen paul pierce and KG couldnt even make the playoffs for 3 years before teaming up)
    And as far as your revising history and bringing cousy into the debate…Cousy was a terrible shooter, and never shot over 40% for a season, played with more hall of famers then you can imagine, and only averaged more assists in a season then rondo at 22..1 time..he couldnt defend, and he played in a weak era…next

  • Danno

    “How much basketball knowledge do you ultimately have if you think all that matters in basketball is a 17 ft jumpshot?”
    This is the problem with trying to respond to you.
    You exaggerate shit to the point where it’s impossible to have a reasonable discussion.
    Please point out ANYWHERE that I said “all that matters is a 17 ft Jumper”.
    You can’t. Because I never said that.
    What I said is the Rondo doesn’t have one, and that it’s a glaring weakness that allows other teams to switch off him on D and double someone else. That is a MAJOR team concern, not just a simple flaw in his personal game. When your Starting PG isn’t a threat to the other team’s Defense and they can let a defender switch off him and double/roam – that’s a really big problem. When you have a weakness that impacts the WHOLE TEAM, it’s a serious concern, and a reason you might not warrant a max contract.

  • IanD

    Have you EVER read the comment section of a Newspaper Colum? It is full of much worse; and the merit of this web site will be recognized for the value of the Posts/articles not the comment section.
    I too like Hudson and think he can contribute but in no way would I want Rondo to leave. Lock this kid up! He is turning in to a Triple Double machine and is already the key to the Celtics offence.
    Let him go and we will be saying “Why don’t we get players like that” for the rest of his career.

  • Walk

    well played

  • Danno

    Think about it this way fellas.
    There’s beena decent amount of talk about the Celts asking Paul and/or Ray to take smaller Vet deals next year so that we can sign one of the available 2010 elite players like D. Wade.
    If we overpay Rondo this year and sign him to a Max All Star Money contract – you can forget about that. There will be no 2010 elite class players coming to the C’s because there won’t be any money left. After Paul, Ray & KG are gone it will be Rondo & Perk and a bunch of nobodys/has beens/never weres.
    It’ll be 1995 all over again.

  • Every player has flaws and weaknesses
    And in case you missed it – Rondos 15-17 ft jumper actually has looked better this preseason
    And i find it hilarious, that rondo steps up more then anybody on our team without KG and leon last season…and you still want to pin it on him that we didnt win….i could list an entire page of great players who lost last season, so this argument truly is laughable

  • Danno

    Thanks John.

  • Under no salary cap situation can we sign a player like dwade next season
    I like Dwade too, but its not happening regardless of rondos situaion

  • Yeah I know i crossed the line
    But i get pissed off when celtics fans say these things about rondo, its almost as if they have no grasp on how bad the PG situation has been through the years, or how good rondo actually is
    ..Again, my opinion is the celtics wont be a winning team or oranazation for many years if they let rondo get away…so yeah it pisses me off

  • Danno

    Yes, we can – if Paul doesn’t pick up the 21 mil option and Ray signs a Vet/Bird deal, or leaves. You forget taht TA’s and Scal’s retarded Contracts come off the books next year too, even if they obth play out this season here.
    But if we sign Rondo to a Max contract, that null and voids any financial benefit of Paul and Ray re-signing for smaller deals.

  • Mmm, no
    First things first. The Celtics already have about $33+ million committed to Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis and Wallace for 2010-11. Add to that a “cap hold” of $6.3 million for Rondo if he doesn’t sign an extension, and we’re already looking at about $40 million for five players before Pierce even does anything, let alone before the team makes a decision on Allen. The salary cap for this season is set at $57.7 million and there has already been talk that will trend down in 2010-11. (Celtics Blog has a good look at the down and dirty).
    In other words, hold off on those LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh dreams.
    And by the way, if we got Dwade and had no point guard, woo
    If we got dwade id rather just let pierce and allen go and rebuild around wade and rondo…but not happening

  • Ok, thanks for at least admitting it.
    I get that certain things might piss you off. That’s fine. All I’m saying is watch the personal attacks. Argue your point… don’t go after the person making the counterpoint. It gets nowhere.

  • Oh…and rondo isnt even asking for a max contract…but if danny waits any longer he might not have a choice…either way u look at it..beter to sign him now

  • Danno

    If you get pissed off about this kind of stuff, maybe you should find other things to do. It’s just sports, guy. Lighten up.

  • Um, I know its just sports, buddy.
    Im just not naive enough to want to get rid of our 23 yr old franchise PG because of fairy tale type dreams of landing wade…whos wade going to play with once pierce kg and co are done in 2 years? and like i said before, its not even possible, its just a pipe dream.
    Oh and we want to get real technical about this, you pissed me off 2 reasons, disrespecing and devaluing our future #1, and then calling me out and personally attacking me (“ToTheRuins crazy-ass Rondo-fellating paranoid histrionics”) before i ever even posted…you asked for it, and got it.


    I’m gonna have to agree with ToTheRuins here…anyone who says that they like Lester Hudson’s game better than Rondo’s must be smoking some of that stuff Denzel gave Ethan Hawke in Training Day. I hate to tell ya buddy, 58 pick rookies who are two years older than your stud FOURTH year point guard don’t start over them. And management would never let Rondo walk unless they had a backup plan slightly better than Hudson. I could probably write pages about this but you seem to have a strong conviction about Hudson, so i’ll simply leave you with this. The best thing about Lester Hudson: his haircut.
    PS: I think Hudson could be a solid member off the bench but as far as a starter goes, yea……..

  • Co-Sign
    Most people probably dont realize Hudson is actualy older then rondo
    He heaves up and makes 2 3’s in a preseason, and all of a sudden rondo is dispenable and hudson is better then him

  • Amy

    I like all Celtics fans…even you.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Amen to that. The fact that any one of us burned calories finding and following this site proves our love and commitment to the Celtics. The attacks make me uncomfortable.
    What’s wrong with Danno’s assertion that we explore every avenue as a GM would? What’s wrong with Ruin’s assertion that our beloved Rondo should not walk under any circumstance? Both are valid and engaging arguments. The trolling and bickering are not. You both make constructive points then near-throw them away with the vendettas you have at each other.
    I’m in the camp that we keep Rondo but I understand that as we fortify one position we weaken others. Length of contract is no concern to me if it’s 9 mil or less per year . As you get closer to max money esp for a long time you dilute the quality of player we can afford at other positions.

  • PutDJintheHall

    I think all the “trade Rondo” talk was all bullshit. Danny and everyone knows what they have with Rondo.
    It was all a ploy to not pay out a shit ton of money (although I really think he is worth whatever amount they give him) Give him a long term contract and then cycle in solid veterans for big short year contracts.
    Scorers are a dime a dozen in the NBA, Rondo makes EVERYONE he plays with better, thats the difference.
    As good as peirce is, he never really quite had that quality to him. KG does and Rondo does.

  • Lakerhater

    Let me say this first – I like Rajon Rondo (and so does Danny Ainge). Love his game and someday the jumper may come. But I think I understand where Danny is coming from or at least why he’s a little hesitant. It doesn’t have a f#cking thing to do with Rondo’s game or attitude, it’s the money. The cap is moving down, he’s got some big contracts on the books already, and after rondo he’ll have perk to deal with and perk’s gonna want his pay day too. Everyone said BBD was gonna cash in but then a funny thing happened – owners started checking their bank accounts before signing contracts. Maybe I’m wrong, but the days of nothing but esculating contracts are least for a while.
    I want Rondo in green for a long time, but the wise investor may want to wait and see what the market will bare by matching qualifying offers at the end of the year, I suspect Danny will come out ahead if he does. Or pay him max, hell I don’t care I just want Tuesday to get here so we can stop being armchair GM’s and start sh#t talking our opponents.
    Go Celtics!

  • Jason

    Can this story be posted a second time so we can start over and just have a merit-based discussion on Rondo, his game, his value and how freaking stupid it will be if Ainge’s is trying to play the same restricted free agent game he just won against with BBD? I know the Celts financial situation is tough with the 3 max guys they have, but Rondo’s an elite PG. I don’t know how anyone can argue against that. The ONLY argument is his J is a work in progress and that’s so weak compared to the 10 other things he’s EXCELLENT at. Ten excellent qualities versus one mediocre, but improving qualities. Um, that’s an excellent ballplayer. He’s earned that distinction in his play, his IQ, his leadership, his toughness and his continual improvement and subsequently he’s earned to be paid like an elite PG.

  • Danno

    You’ve been “ruining” this site for close to a year now. I’m not the only one who is tired of it, as this thread clearly demonstrated. People might not agree with my opinions, but they don’t look at me as a deterrent to posting here, like they do you.

  • Somehow you think you are above me…yet you’ve posted in this blog entry as much as me, attacked me in your original post before I ever posted, and more people have agreed with me then you. Have a nice day little buddy

  • tyquinton

    Fellows, Fellows, Fellows….Rondo should be paid and not scraps either. He has earned it already. We have not had a PG in 20 years and management wants to humiliate him in public. Not in private but in public. Does in one believe that this is the norm for treatment of any player let alone your star pg. Let’s look at the entire picture not part of the picture. No one is perfect, but public criticism. The object is to drive the price of Rondo’s salary down. This is a dangerous game Danny is playing. Wont work this time because ever team with money is trying to land Lebron ,D. Wade, Bosh. Some teams are not going to get either player but they will still have money and I mean a lot of money to spend. In front of you is a premier PG that the Celtics were are stupid enough to leave in the air.
    If they don’t get him they will drive the price up. If we match it leaves us vulnerable with another contract.
    It is a petty cheap move by Danny. He did it with Powsey he did it with Powe and now it’s Rondo. The price is not going to go down it’s going to go higher.