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Live 8th Seed from 9-11pm!

This is a first for the 8th Seed…. we're doing a big, 2 hour mega-NBA preview.  Just head on over to right now.  The show should be starting in just a few minutes.  It'll be going on until about 11pm.  Here's the whole crew:

Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard and
Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom and Talk Hoops
Adam Best of FanSided
Glenn Moore of The Dugout Sports Show
Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass
Jeff Garcia and Michael DeLeon of Project Spurs

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  • Jason

    Since you haven’t put up a post about the latest Rondo chemistry/maturity shit going around by Bucher and Wojo, not that those two stir-the-pot assholes deserve attention and since maybe you’ll talk about this on the show, let me say I’m now totally fucking fed up with the Rondo bashing and not by other team’s fans, but the fucking media AND the fucking Celtics. This guy has taken crap for absolutely everything in his 3 years in the league. All he’s done is improve, work hard, run a fucking championship team, earned the respect of 3 HOFers 10 years older than him. He’s a pure fucking point guard, pass first, set up others first, not selfish. He does absolutely everything on a court at an elite level, even rebounding out of the PG spot, except one and he’s working on it. And he’s tough as nails to boot. Everyone would take Deron and Paul before Rondo. After that Parker, Nash and Rose are debatable. Yeah, I said it; Rose isn’t there yet. After that, there’s no other PG in the NBA anyone could reasonably prefer over Rondo. Kidd, Billups, Harris? No thank you. He’s 7th in the NBA at worst, 3rd at best? In his 4th year? At age 23? With a championship only Parker and Billups can match?
    WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE STILL LAYING INTO THIS GUY??? And I’m talking to you Doc and Danny. You guys have done some good work the last two years, but holy fucking shit what is with all the Rondo bashing??? Go back three years and think about where you hoped Rondo would be at this point? I bet he’s doubled your highest expectations. He’s put up playoff triple-doubles like only Magic and Larry fucking Bird have. He could not have turned out any better had you actually got on your knees and fellated Satan before signing the deal.
    Rondo on the rare fucking chance you read this. Fuck those guys and anyone with a single negative thing to say about you. You are damn awesome. Keep working on the shot. It’s looking better. And gamble a little less on D. Other than that, keep doing what you do. You’re the best PG to come through Boston and that includes Cousy who couldn’t even crack 40% shooting btw. I’m astounded they won’t extend you, instead hoping to win the BBD who-blinks-first restricted free-agent gamble again.