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LeBron Preparing Fans For Opening Night Loss


Anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge who watched the Cavs/Celtics last night came away with this: despite sitting three key players, the Celtics still outplayed a fully manned Cavs team.

LeBron James realizes this and is warning fans:

At the end of the day, it’s a preseason game and you don’t want to look
too far into it,” said James. “We did want to play better, but we know can get
better. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be on top of our game the first game.
Sometimes it takes a few weeks for us to get to how we’re going to play for a
whole season. Let’s not let the first game determine our season, either.”

He's right… to a degree. But that last sentence is something you say after an opening night loss, not a week before the game.

Here's some perspective from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The Cavaliers got their only real test of the preseason against one of
their biggest rivals on Wednesday night. For the most part, they failed

The retest is next Tuesday, and fortunately for the Cavs, that's the one that will count.

The Boston Celtics didn't play several of their key players but
still looked much further along and focused across the board in
hammering the Cavs and their normal rotation, 96-82, in front of a
sellout crowd at Value City Arena.

Shaq did scored 16 in 20 minutes, but did anyone else notice his girth? That's the largest I've ever seen him. I guess all that "training" he did for his reality show (Shaq Vs.) didn't pay off.

Glen Davis didn't suit up last night because he was  bothered by back spasms after taking a charge from the
Knicks’ Al Harrington on Tuesday night. He should be fine.

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  • G4L

    I hope the Cavs were just going thru the motions because that was pretty sad lastnight. The C’s had 2 of there 3 best players out of the game & still managed to whip some ass!

  • redStoolsArmy

    yea that was definitely fun to watch. again though, it’s preseason. teams don’t play the way they would in the regular season. it’s like playing a game of poker with no money involved. we played way better than cleaveland last night, but the night before we looked like crap against the knicks at times. so what does that mean?
    next tuesday should tell us a lot.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    It’s funny, when I read that quote last night from Lebron I was thinking the same thing. The guy is preparing everyone for an embarrassing opening night loss. I love that, and I cannot wait for Tuesday, you can tell that Lebron does not have as much faith in this team as last years. The Magic were undefeated in the preseason, and we went 6-2. The Cavs finished at .500 i think. I know everyone thinks the cavs and the celtics are going to be the big dogs in the east but I think EVERYONE is sleeping on the Magic. Its going to be celtics and magic fighting it out for the #1 seed. Watch

  • JD

    LeBron is right though, the first game of the season, win or loss, does not determine your season at all. Neither does the first thirty games of the season, as the Celtics showed us last year. I like that the C’s are off to a good start and are coming together so fast, I just hope they don’t peak too soon.

  • The cavs didnt really run any of their set plays last night…that being said they didnt even seem to have half the chemistry they had last season, shaq looks out of shape, and the entire team looked a little disinterested, and i didnt see any glaring improvement in lebrons game…meanwhile i thought the celtics played as good as they have this preseason, with/without KG or Ray Allen…too bad it didnt count

  • thetitleisours

    Giddens missed an opportunity here

  • Jason

    You’re implying 27-2 means crap because the Celts only won their first round series. How incredibly shortsighted. The first 30 games mean plenty. They were a dominant, championship team. When you lose your best player for the playoffs plus one of his backups, that means you’re not that same team, but it doesn’t invalidate those 30 games.

  • JD

    Haha I never said it means nothing, or “crap” as you eloquently put it. I said it does not determine your season. Its called having perspective, and not putting TOO much stock in one or even thirty games. I’m one of those fans that does overreact to one game, so its a reassuring comment to both myself and other fans out there. Plus, its undeniable that peaking too early is never good.

  • zippittyay

    I was watching the game and kept thinking how good the cleveland players are but then I would check the score and we were up by 10…. Then I would be impressed by some other cav player and then look and we were up by 18…