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Is the choice Sweetney or Hudson?

Let's start with the Wojo tweet:

much as Mike Sweetney intrigues Celtics, appears "unlikely"
organization will eat a guaranteed contract to keep him, sources tell Y!

So that means Tony Allen is sticking around.  That means the choice seems to be between the two non-guaranteed deals:  Lester Hudson and Michael Sweetney.

This is something we discussed at length on last night's 2 Man Game.  Chuck, amazingly, made a good point:  Are people really clamoring to get Hudson?  Will he make an NBA roster even if he's cut?  Will he get ANY burn with the Celtics?  Meanwhile, we've got Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine who total $5.5 million in expiring deals that could be turned into something later in the year.

And, in a conference where your two main obstacles have Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard on their rosters… what harm would it do to keep a huge body and 6 fouls around (even though he's a little better than that?)

I like Hudson and I'd like to see him stay… but that's because he's a project with potential.  Keeping Sweets around is the "win now" move solely based on who the competition is this year..  And if I'm going to keep consistent with what I've always said… then you HAVE to try to win this year… because you never know what next year will bring. 

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  • wait, lester hudson was on the block to be potentially cut? wait what, the 24 yr old 50 something pick in the draft? the guy some people think can replace rondo…it was between him and a guy to fat to play in the league?

  • zippittyay

    Given that choice, Hudson is the obvious choice. If Rondo tweeks an ankle, you would want Hudson to fill some minutes at least… very least.