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Al Horford was just kidding about Pierce (but probably not)

Here’s how I think things went down a couple of days ago after Al Horford told the story about Paul Pierce owing him $10 grand.

Horford (in the morning):  Hey funny story:  Paul Pierce bet me a couple of years ago that we wouldn’t win a game.  We won 3… so we essentially bet on basketball and Pierce owes me money.

David Stern (from his lair):
  Bring the one they call “Horford” to me

Minions load into a van.  This happens.

Stern to Horford:  Hey idiot.  The name Pete Rose mean anything to you?


:  I’ll put it to you another way.  You were kidding about the bet with Paul Pierce.  You tell everyone you were kidding.  You tweet it.  You facebook it.  Hire a goddam skywriter.  You got ’till the count of three before you end up as a water boy for some team in Turkey.  Capiche?  1… 2….

Horford on Twitter: 

“Some of my comments from the radio interview I did yesterday with 790 the zone were overblown. I was joking.”

“Paul Pierce and I did not make a bet during the playoffs in 2008. I do not bet on basketball or any other sports.”

Stern:  Excellent.  Now get out of my sight.  You make me sick.

All that said… the bet totally happened.  We all know it happened.  But we all know his highness had to step in and make sure the world knew that everything was on the up-and-up.

So yeah.. Al… I get it.  You were “joking” *wink wink”. 

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  • bgil

    this is great
    classic video

  • BigMck

    Thats some funny shit – well done Reds.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ha! Nice.

  • lmao
    so true