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Talkin hoops with Jon Barry & Jalen Rose, and 2 Man Game tonight!

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Just got off a conference call with ESPN's Jon Barry and Jalen Rose as they launch the big media blitz to kick off their coverage of the NBA this year.  Got to sneak in a couple of Celtics questions and throw together some of their thoughts on the NBA season as a whole.  These aren't direct quotes, since I couldn't record the call and could only take shorthand notes… but it's a pretty close paraphrasing of what was said.

On Marquis Daniels: 

Barry:  Marquis is Posey from two years ago.  He's a better player than Posey except for the three point shooting.  He's a piece the Celtics lacked last year and he is going to play a pivotal role.  He's a hybrid player that can handle three positions adequately.

Jalen:  Playing Marquis out of position could be a problem.  What happens if Rajon Rondo gets two early fouls?  Marquis playing the Chris Pauls and Tony Parkers of the world is an uphill battle.

On the Celtics age:

Barry: Doc will do a great job getting these guys ready.  They have a lot more depth, they can get these guys some rest.  I'm not too worried about it.

Jalen:  Age is always a factor, but I think they have enough to get them through the 82 game season.  But I think they're not too concerned about getting that number one seed.  Being the veteran team they are, they know they can go on the road and win.

Both guys say they think the Celtics bench is deep enough to help keep the Celtics healthy throughout the year.  

Jalen was pretty clear:  The first thing the Celtics need to do is sign Rondo

Other general NBA bullet points:

  • Both guys are singing the same tune as everyone else:  Boston,
    Cleveland, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Antonio are the 5 "elite" teams
    in the NBA. 
  • Portland will unseat Denver in the Northwest division and is poised to head up that next level of teams out West.
  • Miami will be hard pressed to duplicate its run from last year, and will struggle to be a playoff team.
  • Neither guy would venture a guess as to where LeBron would be next season.
  • Barry's biggest concern about the Cleveland Cavaliers is Shaq.  Will
    he be healthy enough to make an impact and will he be able to be a
    force in the post.  If those things happen, watch out.
  • Jalen things that Gilbert Arenas, if he's playing at his absolute
    best, can lead Washington into the playoffs and they could make some

These are some great topics for us to talk about in tonight's 2 Man Game.  We'll start at 9 PM… which should be right around the meaningless 4th quarter of tonight's meaningless pre-season game with the Cavs.  Visit our show page to listen and call in.

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  • Jason

    “[Marquis] is a piece the Celtics lacked last year.”
    This is an ignorant statement. The person the C’s missed last year was KEVIN FUCKING GARNETT.
    KG doesn’t get hurt, it’s banner 18. End of fucking story. There was no chemistry problem. There was no character/glue missing piece. It was the All-NBA, causes a hundred match-up problems, 20-10, DPOY, inner-circle HOF, best player of the decade KEVIN GARNETT.
    Everyone else shut the fuck up. I’m so sick of hearing about this shit.
    If they had Posey or Daniels last year, they would not have made up for the absence of KG even if they were more pure of soul than Ghandi, ok?

  • Although Marquis Daniels is a solid player … it is simply ludicrous for Mr. Barry to put his beside a player with the credentials of a James Posey.
    Mr. Barry is flat-out wrong.
    James Posey was a tremendous pick-up for the C’s 2 seasons ago … but, Marquis Daniels is simply not in the same category, as a serviceable multi-demensional NBA player coming off the bench for a championship calibre team.
    In comparison with Daniels, James Posey can:
    1. Defend much “bigger” players, in addition to G’s
    2. Rebound better at his position
    3. Knock down perimeter shots
    4. Be a much more physical player … with a championship pedigree.
    If the C’s are going to win it all this season it will NOT be due to stellar play by MD, although he will certainly need to play well enough to hold his own.
    Paul Pierce is a given.
    Ray Allen is a given.
    Rajon Rondo is a given.
    Perkins is a given.
    House is a given.
    Kevin Garnett’s health and Rasheed Wallace’s attitude/performance will determine just how far this year’s Celtics will go.

  • I think it’s obvious to say losing KG was devastating…
    I think he’s trying to say that we were missing that key player off the bench that could help us at multiple positions. That really hurt us last season

  • I’ve made that same comparison myself. It’s not necessarily a comparison of games… it’s what they’ll do for the Celtics. Their games are different. Marquis is a better slasher and facilitator.
    But really, the comparison works only if you’re looking at it as a versatile guy off the bench who can guard multiple positions…. which I think Quis can do.

  • Jason

    I disagree the bench “really hurt us.” With KG missing 20-something games (and other injuries as well), the Celts still won SIXTY-TWO games last year, a whopping four games fewer than their championship season. Missing KG in the playoffs is what really hurt us.
    Btw, obvious isn’t wrong. Making up excuses because it advances a story or it makes you seem insightful or the obvious isn’t interesting enough to get you quoted is wrong.
    Saying “It wasn’t about role players last year, it was about star talent. They had a 27-2 stretch when arguably not even playing their best. Their best player missed 20+ games, other players missed time with injury, too, and they still won 62 games. But in the playoffs, the loss of KG was impossible to overcome, especially against unique power forward match-ups like Lewis. Posey wouldn’t have been the difference. Daniels wouldn’t have been the difference. Missing KG was the difference. End of story.”
    There is nothing wrong with saying that. There is everything wrong with coming up with bullshit other stuff to explain why the defending champs, coming off a 62-win season couldn’t even reach the conference finals. It’s hack “journalism” that perpetuates falsehoods that millions of fans lap up like little puppies. Think for yourselves people. Posey and Daniels are nice pieces. They are not championship difference makers. Players like KG are and he was in a suit.

  • Don’t take the “obvious” comment the wrong way. The KG injury clearly hurt the C’s a lot… but there really were other factors.
    IF we’d had a stronger bench, then maybe Paul Pierce wouldn’t have been so gassed come playoff time and he could have carried the C’s past Orlando.
    Pointing to KG’s injury as the ONLY reason we lost isn’t entirely accurate. It’s a huge reason, but there are others. A stronger bench would have definitely helped. We simply had no one to fill the Posey role in any form.

  • Jason

    They bring different things to the table, but they pretty much bring the same value just in different ways. I might even give the edge to Daniels actually.
    Posey brought energy and D, plus was just awesome at dagger 3s and of course he stretched the floor. But, that was really the extent of his contribution. He wasn’t reliable for huge minutes. He doesn’t create his own shot. Doesn’t drive unless wide open. Couldn’t be trusted to handle the ball or initiate the offense. The offense would stall if he wasn’t with other top offensive players.
    Daniels, on the other hand, doesn’t have 3 range, doesn’t quite lock-down defenders (though I don’t think the gap from Posey is that big because I saw him defend he was good, but overrated), but he can create his own offense, break down a D, initiate for others, etc. And that’s very valuable. When the offense was left to House et al, the offense stalled big time. With Daniels, though, the offense can maintain a higher level while the starters rest. Remember how frustrating last year was watching first quarter leads evaporate in the second quarter? With Daniels (and Wallace, too), I think that will be severely mitigated, especially since Wallace plays D, too.

  • Jason

    Was there something wrong or hurting this team when it set an all-time NBA record going 27-2? No there wasn’t.
    I don’t buy the bench wasn’t strong enough. When the season started, the roster was plenty good enough to win the championship. Doesn’t 27-2 SCREAM that? KG’s backup was supposed to be Baby and Powe, but Powe went down. Scal, too. Pierce’s backup was supposed to be TA. He went down. Maybe if ALL those things didn’t happen. Maybe if Doc just rested everyone at the end of the season (not that I necessarily subscribe to Pierce’s fatigue even existing, never mind being a major factor). Maybe if Ray didn’t have a hamstring injury (remember that was kept secret). Maybe if the game-planning was better against both the Bulls and the Magic. (I do think Doc was outcoached in both those series). There are lots of maybes that come WAY WAY before Posey.
    You can’t back up every star with another star. You have to assemble your roster the best you can with the resources you have and the players out there. Posey’s a nice piece, but he was too costly, so Ainge made the best decisions he could, which were not too shabby. 62 wins anyone? So the dominoes fell in such a way that they couldn’t recover once it really counted in the playoffs. THREE big men went down to injury, including the BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM. Pierce’s primary back up went down. Yet they still won 62 games. The roster wasn’t perfect (Starbury/Moore, anyone?) but was still good enough to go 27-2 and win 62 games without Posey. It just got dismantled by injuries, all of which pale in comparison to KG’s. The bench was plenty strong till the best player on the team went down just as half of the bench got injured.
    Posey was NOT the reason the Celts didn’t win and I’m sick of hearing people think that’s the case.
    So Ainge managed to get a KG backup (Wallace) this year and a Pierce back up in Daniels. He has SOME insurance against both Rondo and Ray, but still if any one of those four goes down, it’s a major blow. Is House/Daniels really going to produce what Rondo does? Is House/Daniels really going to replicate a Ray? Is Daniels really going to replace Pierce? Is Wallace really going give you what KG does? No. They’re backups for a reason. What if Wallace AND KG go down, like KG/Scal/Powe all went down last year? You can’t now proclaim the bench is strong enough then if those injuries play out complain the bench wasn’t strong enough after the fact. And you can’t play that same game last year where the team was proclaimed all-time great at one point, then once KG, Powe, Scal and TA (and Ray a little) all go down (plus the Starbury/Moore pickups didn’t work like the Cassell/Brown pickups) then lament Posey was the difference. It’s such a pathetic storyline and lazy analysis that, well, it makes me spend/waste all this time railing so vehemently against it.