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Sports Illustrated Likes the Celtics


Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated is picking the Celtics to win it all:

I'm picking the Celtics because they should be the best defensive team in the league based on the return of Kevin Garnett, the arrival of Rasheed Wallace, the continuing improvement of Rajon Rondo — who could emerge as the top defensive point guard this season — and the Tom Thibodeau schemes that make the most of Kendrick Perkins, Paul Pierce, Marquis Daniels and others.

Celtics team has the capacity to be deeper and more reliable than the
champion of two years ago. Wallace should be an upgrade over James Posey and the same should apply to Daniels over Tony Allen, who was third on the team in minutes off the bench two years ago. They still have sniper Eddie House and a useful second big man in reserve in Glen Davis,
who proved in the playoffs last year that he can hit big shots — a
luxury from your ninth man. Unlike last season, the Celtics also have
two expiring contracts belonging to Allen and Brian Scalabrine that could be dealt in January or February for a backup point guard or additional length in the frontcourt.

As for the Lakers, I'm not one of those who believes that Ron Artest will ruin them. On the contrary: He's an upgrade over Trevor Ariza, Phil Jackson
will strike a constructive relationship with him and he's joining a
championship team that can live with his unique personality.

will improve the Lakers defensively at small forward, but the Celtics
will be stronger defensively overall, enabling them to control tempo
and overcome the Lakers' likely home-court advantage.

That Ian Thomsen is one smart dude.

Click here to read one scout's take on the Celtics. Hint: He has them winning the whole thing too.

This calls for a celebration. After the jump, pictures of our favorite supermodel wearing green.



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  • Jason

    Finally someone out there sees the reality instead of just gargling Kobe’s sack.
    Btw, while I don’t really think Artest is somehow going to make the team implode with his crazy, I still think he makes the team worse. Ariza was perfect for that team. He was an excellent defender (Artest is both overrated and declining), he’s younger, familiar with the offense and defense, more athletic in transition and on the boards and played fine just nailing his open 3s when they came. He played the perfect sidekick (as of course all of Kobe’s teammates must do or be shipped out even if you are the most dominant center since Wilt).
    Artest meanwhile is a high-volume, low-efficiency shooter. You really think that’s going to work well with Kobe’s high-volume needs? No sir.
    It’s not the crazy Artest that sinks them, it’s simply Artest the “not that special player” that does it.
    Plus, I just can’t see Odom, who was really a HUGE key for them last year, keeping focused enough to put it all together for another year. The Lakers are worse than last year. I don’t see why NO ONE sees that. Oh, and Gasol just spend the summer exhausting himself instead of resting/preparing for the NBA season. Yeah, that’ll really help matters.

  • haha

    Your a dumbass with a dumb statement. You should look up your facts before posting anything becasue you would look much smarter with your mouth shut. Anyone who thinks the celtics is going to cruise onto the final is an idiot. They have to face the Cavs and the Magic. Dont even bring up the bs by saying KG was out…You guys need to stop making excuses…suck it up and prove you can beat them in a 7 game series.

  • Will

    Jason, Are you serious. Don’t ever mention the Magic in the same sentence as the Celtics or Cav’s. They’re not better by any means therefor they shouldn’t be talked about as a team to beat the Celtics. Sure sure, the cav’s will be difficult but when it comes down to it, defense wins championships and the Cav’s wont be able to cut it.
    Oh yeah …. “and we didnt have KG” was a pretty legitimate problem.

  • Jason

    I live in the LA area. Tell me when and where you want to meet so you can call me a dumbass to my face tough guy.
    In the “no surprise at all” department, it wouldn’t be a normal day at Reds Army without a Laker troll showing up to say nothing of substance while also being insulting.
    And yeah losing an All-NBA player actually is a legitimate “excuse” unlike say losing Bynum who’s a nobody.

  • Jason

    Yes, I’m completely serious.
    And I didn’t mention the Magic, but since you bring them up, no I don’t think they are better, but with Lewis they create a unique match-up problem. And as last season showed, it was deadly when Baby instead of KG is there to defend him.

  • Joseph

    Uhhh, didn’t the Lakers beat the Celtics last year, TWICE, even with the Suckdics having a healthy KG.
    As a matter of fact, I think both teams were finally at full strength when the teams played last year. And the Lakers won…TWICE.

  • Jason

    Hang on to that as tight as you can. You, not you actually, you’re a nobody. The Lakers still didn’t beat them in a 7-game series. Which says nothing of the BS that went on in those two games for the Lakers to win. But, I’ll let that stuff go. Please feel free to cling to those games. Two games mean so much.

  • Sophomore

    I really want the rematch with the Fakers. Really a lot. I think their first five may actually have a slight edge over the Cs – too early to be sure before any games have been played, but maybe. Their bench, though? We are deeper?

  • zippittyay

    Speaking of celebrity female celtic fans clad in little green………

  • zippittyay

    add the dots after the www and before the com

  • haha

    LMAO wow you act so tough over the internet. Im soo scared lmao…Sit your ass down behind your computer and shut the F*ck up. Only ignorant dumbass like you would want to start a fight over the internet. LOL… You saw what happened when we had a health Trevor Ariza and Bynum during the two games last year? Did you see what difference it made? Idiot

  • Jason

    You’re the one who started this shit, bitch. Acting like a tough guy spouting off like a punk safe behind your screen in your mom’s basement. You think I’m just going to take you calling me a dumbass? You’ve got some nerve thinking you can just get away with being such an offensive, insulting asshole. You wouldn’t have any stones to say any of that crap to my face. So why don’t you man up or shut your hole and keep your chicken shit, bitch ass out of here.
    I also see you waited until this post was on the second page of the site before showing back up as if I wouldn’t come looking for you.
    Seriously, name the time and place, bitch. I’ll be checking this post to see if you have any balls to back up your big mouth.