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Report: Rondo Not Asking For Max Deal


Via the Boston Herald:

With 10 days to go before the deadline, Rondo’s agent said he is not
in discussions with the C’s. Perhaps they will reconnect and work out a
contract extension before Oct. 31; maybe they will not, and Rondo will
become a restricted free agent next summer.

As it relates to the here and now and the season ahead, Rivers is unconcerned.

“I don’t care about that,” the coach said. “I really don’t. That’ll
be something that’ll be handled. I’m not concerned about it. I’ve
talked very little to him about it. We’ve discussed it a little, but
you can tell in his play that he’s fine. . . . It’d be better for all
of us to get a new 10-year deal, but, having said that, I don’t think
it’ll affect his play. I thought last year that may have been more of
an issue. I think this year we’re good.”

Via TrueHoop:

“I have no idea whether we’ll get something done [by the deadline],”
Rondo said from the visiting locker room at Madison Square Garden.
“It’s not something I’m worried about. It’s just not a big deal right
now. Of course, I’d like to get it done, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m
not going to lose any sleep over it.’’

It is not known how much Rondo is asking for, but a source said it's not the maximum.

“My agent’s got a certain number in mind and if they don’t reach
that, we’ll just wait,’’ he said. “I feel like if we win another title,
obviously that helps my chances [of getting more money].’’

I'm kinda surprised neither side has leaked any numbers during this negotiation. At the end of last season, Cedric Maxwell "reported" that Rondo would agree to a 5-year, $50 million deal. Danny Ainge has gone on record saying Rondo is not worth max money. That's all we got.

My gut says a deal won't get done by the deadline.

(hat tip to celticsblog)

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  • G4L

    just sign him already! Why risk anything, Even if he has stopped growing at as a basketball player & stays as is 10 or 11mill per year is fair