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Fight! Mo Williams vs Shelden Williams

I can't blame Mo Williams for losing his cool. His Cavaliers are getting embarrassed by an undermanned Celtics team.

The Celtics lead this one 56-48 at the half, minus Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Glen Davis. The lead would be 18 if the referees weren't in awe of Shaq and giving him ridiculous calls.

Two of the Cavs big additions, Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker, are getting manhandled by Marquis Daniels.

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Don't forget to check out tonight's The 2 Man Game. We go live at 9pm.

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  • Very good performance by the celtics that played tonight…and i love the 2nd unit with rondo and perk… um it seems almost better the original starting lineup at times

  • Oh and Larry bird letting Marquis Daniels go to sign Dahntay Jones to an oversized contract made absolutely no sense…but its good for us

  • Nick is great but he is in more of a need of a couple of downers and a 12 pack then anyone I ever heard. Keep the calls coming nick

  • We gotta get Nick on Twitter..once every 2 weeks is not enough. You on Twitter Nick? lol..Great 2ManGame tonight. The real deal, the quest for 18 is less than a week away CelticsNation! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • josh

    i missed the 1st half. why the shove by Mo? no context makes this a tough play to judge.

  • Sheldon threw his to the ground as the two were jostling for position under the hoop.

  • DRJ

    – Most underrated player: Eddie House. Able to score big points in no time at all, works hard on every facet of his game… but doesn’t seem to get the respect he deserves. I sure hope he gets big minutes in the real show. (The guy is playing way, way better than Ray, for example.)
    – My fav up-and-comer: Lester Hudson. For some reason, I just want the kid to succeed. I think he has the potential to be a better Rondo than Rondo… quick, seems smart, and he’s a far better shooter than Rajon. Maybe in a year or so, who knows…
    – Tommy Heinsohn’s most overrated player: JR Giddens. Last two games he’s missed several gimmes, and each time Tommy said “good shot”, or “great play”. Wtf? A great play is when the ball goes INTO the basket, not bounces away. I understand where Tommy’s coming from… kid’s a good athlete. But for whatever reason, he has yet to show his stuff on the big stage.
    – Taking too many 3-point shots: Sheed. ‘Nuf said.
    – Tonight I was reminded of how bad the refs can be. Terrible calls. But wait… it’s gonna get worse. Much much worse. The regular refs are coming back. Groan.

  • by the way i would like to commend you on your effort for these videos, its ridiculous that they arent made available in high quality by the networks, one day networks will realize making high quality videos to the public via the internet will not kill them, until then keep up the good work, its greatly appreciated

  • DiP

    ESPN went through the games highlights and didn’t mention that the Celtics were without KG, Ray Ray, and BBGD and failed to point out that the C’s second unit was able to handle the Cavs starters.

  • I agree Eddie house is playing alot better then ray allen, you know who else is? marquis daniels…where is ray? if this guy comes out struggling not being able to hit shots, even wide open shots im gonna be pissed off, because we’ve seen stretches where ray cant throw it in the ocean, and quite frankly we looked better then we have all preseason without KG and Ray out there
    Sheeds game is to take 3s, and the celtics have done nothing but encourage him to take more
    Lester Hudson will never be better then rondo…thats quite funny and jus not happening

  • thats ESPN for ya…

  • Orb

    And with one shove, Sheldon Williams makes the team!

  • KY Celts fan

    ESPN: Blowing Lebron since 2002!

  • Cris

    Eddie house was on fire! lol and the thing is once he’s going, no one can stop him. He just keeps making those shots. Sorry, but I don’t think Lester will ever be better than Rondo, I mean, that would take a lot. But I do think that he will go far. I don’t think that J.R. is all that good. I mean, he hasn’t proved himself yet. Does anyone know when Billy Walker is getting back? Anyway, Marquis Daniels did a really great job last night. I’m am so glad the Celtics got him. I’m thinking the Celts have a pretty good chance of getting banner 18 this year!