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“Marquis will have a tremendous impact”

Marquis drives knicks

It's funny, we've seen and heard a lot about Marquis Daniels… but his potential impact still hasn't been a national topic of conversation.  Maybe it will be now that Adrian Wojnarowski saw him play with the C's in person.

Here at MSG and Doc Rivers is right: Marquis Daniels will have a tremendous impact on Celtics. He does a lot of things well.

I like to hear the non-biased, national perspective.  I know sometimes we don't like what they say.  But when a respected writer sees something in person and has a genuine reaction… there is something to that.  So this its encouraging to hear that a fresh set of eyes has the same positive reaction.

For a different side of Marquis, check out Jess Camerato's piece on how music influence his life

“Just growing up, everybody was joking around rapping freestyle,” he
said. “After a while I kept doing it and kept doing it, and when I got
to Texas [as a member of the Dallas Mavericks] I had a lot of friends
out there that are rappers also that were saying, 'You're pretty good.
You should try it for real. Keep working on it.' … During the
summertime that's when I do a lot of my stuff. When we're on the plane
rides going to wherever we're going, I'm writing raps. I'm on my iPhone
or my Sidekick or whatever writing rap songs.”

Good stuff as usual.  The best part is that he keeps it separate from basketball.  He's a baller first… and this is just another part of his life.

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  • thetitleisours

    It already has said something about his character signing with the team, after we could not work out a trade to get him more money.
    The signing was huge, no doubt!

  • Joseph

    Marquis Daniels is an overrated, role player. He didn’t do anything in Dallas and he didn’t do anything in Indiana. I know you guys are excited because he’s a new player on the team, but be realistic. There is a reason why Dallas and Indiana didn’t want him. To think that Marquis Daniels is a player that will put a team over the top, is a stretch.
    And as for saying Daniels is similar to Posey, WTF!!! Posey is nitty gritty physical defender…Marquis Daniels is NOT known for his defense.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’d be more down with him writing death metal lyrics…but whatever.
    One thing I gotta mention. I LOVED how he took advantage of Nate Robinson every time he got the ball. Even though Nate is tiny….doing that to that lil freak of nature is definitely not as easy it sounds.