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Doc likes Sweets

RedsArmyAdmin October 21, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Doc likes Sweets

Yeah… as in Michael Sweetney.  So tweets Adrian Wojnarowski.

Doc Rivers sounds
determined to keep Mike Sweetney. Celts plan had been to help him lose
more weight and hope he could contribute by midyear

And then he asks the obvious question.

Boston doesn't have the roster space to keep him, and would need to get rid of one of its guaranteed contracts. Giddens? TAllen?

How can I put this gently?

I don't care which of those two guys sticks around.  If it's Tony, then we get the Roberto Duran "hands of stone" jokes we can tell… which is just a way to mask our frustration with yet another in a long line of high-flying guards that have never quite panned out in Boston.  If it's Sweetney, then we've got fat jokes until he either eats his way out of the league or shuts us the hell up.

Your move Sweets.  If Doc is giving you the final rose… then make it worth something.

I'd personally rather keep Giddens… at least there's some unknown potential there.

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  • I like Sweetney over TA, but i like Giddens more, cause he brings A LOT of intensity to that 2nd-3d unit. As far as i’ve in preseason.

  • Walk

    Completely agree, just keep Giddens. He at least deserves a legit shot. TA has had more than enough opportunities to perform…and as much as I enjoy the side story of the potential TA / gang / head hunting stories, it’s time to part ways.
    Think Doc wants to keep Sweetney so Scal doesn’t have the be the only player that swims with a t-shirt on?

  • “Think Doc wants to keep Sweetney so Scal doesn’t have the be the only player that swims with a t-shirt on?”
    That there is one of the funniest fucking lines I’ve seen in a long time.

  • thetitleisours

    Well whether it is TA or Sweetney, no team sill get in a brawl with us
    Seriously, how tired would the opponents get with Davis and Sweetney in the lineup?
    Eat your heart out Rick Mahorn

  • I would get rid of TA even if we had room for him, Id take a bag of balls for him…but Im not buying doc wants to keep sweetney, hes just saying positive things about when asked…hes not gonna flat out say hes gonna get cut

  • m.a

    its very simple, just cut tony allen. he just sucks as a basketball player. i never like him as a celtics. when he plays, he has more turnovers than points. keep giddens and sweetney. make sweetney lose some weight, so he be ready for the playoffs. can never have enough bigs.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Phewy, tough call.
    As long as Billy comes back with a spot on the team, I don’t really care.

  • BamaCeltic

    im with long as Billy still has a spot…butif i had to choose between those 3…got keep Giddens and Sweet…TA has had more than enough chances to get it right..and he has blew it..its time to let some other guys get there shot…and why not them..they have got the right mind frame and are playing hard…TA really should be out the league by now…..

  • i agree i havent stopped laughing in like 5 minutes
    and there is no way giddens doesnt make the team
    the only argument i see in keeping tony is that he is a defensive stopper lol, not really its that his expiring contract is large enough it can be used in a trade

  • i not like sport, but hope team will won championship hjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhhjj:)
    Joe Barry