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You Gotta Love Big Baby’s Personality

Here's another video clip from the Celtics open practice in Lowell. That's Rasheed Wallace launching the air ball and the crowd responding with some loud moans. Who rushes over to give 'Sheed a big ole hug? Big Baby, of course. I just love the levity this guy brings to the court. It's a great balance for all of KG's intensity.

Glen Davis also had some fun introducing the team prior to the start of practice. I wasn't able to record it, because I was at the concessions buying two hot dogs. Hey, a man's gotta eat.

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  • Spiraea

    Funny stuff. Does Sheed not have a practice jersey though? Looks like someone just gave him a white Celtics shirt and told him to put it on. Not to mention those sweat pants he’s wearing

  • AboveTheRim

    is Sweetney #45? Geezus he’s fat.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Been awhile since I’ve seen anyone eat 2 hot dogs in one sitting, publicly. Was one of em for Sweetney?

  • Jason

    You ever think of all NBA players, House is one who could be shut down at your local pick-up game? Tiny JJ Barrea would carve up such a game. At 7’1″, POB would have no peers. But House? Anyone with a little bit of quickness could just stay in his shirt and hold him in check.