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We’re being robbed of something special

Al jefferson

He spins past defenders like his pivot foot was on ice and the defender's were in tar. 

His fakes pull guys out of their shorts and let him glide through the space that person once occupied.  His touch is so smooth and feathery light, he could toss fine crystal through the hoop without it being scratched.

Al Jefferson is a special player.  And we're being robbed of his brilliance.

Coming off his most recent injury, a torn ACL, Al is now out indefinitely with an Achilles tendon problem (via The Baseline)

But in a surprising development Monday, Al Jefferson did not practice
because of a sore Achilles' tendon that caused him to play less than
six minutes in the second half Saturday at Milwaukee.

Add it to the list.  It seems like his entire career has been plagued by this kind of stuff.  Just in his time with Boston he had too many ankle injuries to count, bone spurs and an appendectomy. 

The league doesn't have a lot of back-to-the basket guys who can create their own offense like Al.  He's an old school guy.  An incarnation of Kevin McHale.  There's a reason he had to go to Minnesota in the KG trade.  When he's completely healthy, he's a beast on the blocks.  A legit 20-10 guy. 

But I wonder how often he's going to be completely healthy… and that's a shame.  I hope he's going to be ready for the season… and ready to dominate the West.  I'm rooting for him as hard as I root for any Celtic.  I hope, for basketball's sake, he can shake this bug.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Poor Big Al. 🙁 Still got that shirt of his where it’s just his enormous mug on the front.

  • thetitleisours

    I could only imagine what it would have been like if we didn’t have to give up Big Al. A frontline of Perk, KG, and Big Al would have been something

  • Not giving up Big Al would have been the hugest steal in the history of steals. People act like we gave away nothing for KG. Big Al was a big piece.

  • Joseph

    You guys did give up nothing for KG … plain and simple. Yes, Al Jefferson potentiall can be a 20-10 player, perhaps, but we’ll never know because he is INJURY PRONE!!
    Just the way people say that Andrew Bynum is injury prone, AL JEFFERSON IS WITHOUT A DOUBT INJURY PRONE. He was alwasy injured in Boston and now he’s consistently injured in Minnesota. Becuase Al Jefferson is injury proned, the Suckdics gave up nothing for KG. PERIOD!
    And look at the other players that were included in the deal:
    Ryan Gomes: He’s pretty much inconsistent garbage.
    Sebastian Telfair: He’s not even on the Wolves anymore as he was traded to the Clippers (yea the Wolves really wanted him)
    Gerald Green: Is he even in the league anymore? I honestly don’t think he is on a team.
    Theo Ratliff: He was waived by the Wolves (yea they really wanted him).
    Plus a few draft picks.
    Face it Suckdic fans, KG was basically given to Boston by Frankenstein McHale. Or if you really think about it, the trade was basically KG for an injury proned Al Jefferson.
    The next time McHale is in Boston, remember to thank him for KG.

  • JoeBlow

    So what did the Lakers give up for Pau? Just shut up.

  • Lex

    The Wolves announcers have been saying that the Wolves have been playing better without him on the floor

  • Pastor Green

    I’d still take Jefferson over “Bynum” 6 days a week and twice on Sundays. The Cs offered a better deal and losing Jeferson did hurt. Why would the Wolves have wanted an injured “Bynum” and MAYBE a 2nd dude who would never have resigned? The Fakers have the largest market so they get enough favors from Stern’s refs– they don’t need KG to fake out a win.