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This One’s Getting Chippy

Chuck - Red's Army October 20, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on This One’s Getting Chippy

First, Rajon Rondo got his face raked by Danilo Gallinari. Then Eddie House took down Jared Jeffries. The ever classy Nate Robinson finished the first half off by shoving Rondo into the scorer's table.

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  • Alex

    The Celtics are definitely not playing that great this game, but the only reason the Knicks are even in this game is because they are actually making their three’s.

  • Kraft

    They are really getting personal with Gallinari. Did I miss something?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Nate is a punk and always has been. Cant wait for the all-star game so I can watch him make 2 weak dunks and miss 20. Yeah, I get it, he’s a midget….so what? Spud was cool, Nate is annoying.

  • prefuse

    Just because he knocked your little goblin to the table doesn’t mean you have to cry about it. 5’9 midget? HAHA ignorant much?

  • Jason

    He hacked Pierce a time or three with no call. Pierce got fed up after one time, jawed with the ref. At that point, it got chippy between the two for a little while.

  • Jason

    First, Nate didn’t even attempt to get the ball from Rondo. He hip and elbow checked him into the scorer’s table. Yeah, that’s real quality basketball. The refs did well to call the flagrant even if not immediately.
    Speaking of basketball, did you know it was played by tall people, in fact VERY tall people? You know like 6’7″ is average and many players are over 7′. In that world, at 5’9″ (that is, the very shortest of the nearly 400 NBA players) he’s a midget.
    As a dunker, being short is a nice novelty act and all, but you still (should) have to outperform the others to win. I will admit Howard opened the door by underwhelming, but using a 7′ man as a step stool wasn’t NEARLY as impressive as everyone made it out to be. That was a BS dunk title.

  • jason

    You are a fool. Nate is a class act, it was the replacement referee who pushed Rajon to the table. You’re an idiot.

  • Fisher’s Muscles

    Rajon Rondo would never do anything like that to anybody….unless it was Kirk Hinrich.

  • Jason

    I never made any character claim against Nate. I said he bodied him into the table without an attempt at the ball and those are indisputable facts backed up by video. I don’t know if you are an idiot (probably are), but you’re definitely blind (if you really think it was the ref and not Nate) and certainly rude. Not unexpected from a troll.

  • Jason

    Completely different and totally spun and blown out of proportion by the anti-Celtic blogosphere.
    Rondo’s move against Hinrich was defensive, that is he was trying to get a guy off him who was riding him from the paint to outside the 3 point line, particularly as he was trying to get back on D since his man (Rose) had the ball and was already heading up court. Rondo was being illegally impeded and so had to remove the offender physically. Since Hinrich was so aggressively and single-mindedly trying to block Rondo to the sideline, it’s pretty understandable Hinrich was completely off balance and went flying into the table once Rondo was able to disengage from the confrontation Hinrich initiated.