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Pierce may owe Al Horford money

RedsArmyAdmin October 20, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Pierce may owe Al Horford money

So in all the yapping during the 2008 Celtics-Hawks series, Paul Pierce apparently bet Al Horford $10 K that the Hawks wouldn't win a single game.  At least… that's what Al Horford is saying

Today, on 790 the zone, Al Horford
told a story that happened sometime during the first two games of 2008
playoff series with Boston. Pierce and Al were jawing at each other
standing at the free throw line. Realizing talk is cheap, they made a
10,000 dollar wager over whether the
Hawks would win a game in the series or not.

Well, the Hawks actually won three, and Horford has yet to receive
any money. I don't think Paul can plead ignorance. If I recall
correctly, Horford made it pretty clear the Hawks won that first one.

Nice to see Al is prompt with his payment demands. 

At least he's got something to be proud of.  "Yeah… we ended up losing the series… but at least Pierce owes me money."  

(Peachtree Hoops, by way of BDL)

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