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Celtics caught in bus ride from hell

If you're reading this right now… just head over to Shelden Williams' twitter page and follow along with the Celtics bus ride from hell as they try to go play the Knicks.  So far, I've been able to piece together that there's an extra long bus, insane traffic because of Barack Obama being in NY, and a detour that has left the Celtics stuck and in traffic asking people to move out of the way so the bus can move.

Shel is getting a big kick out of it.

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  • Patrick C
  • .

    just looking at some numbers. for the same $$, is sheed > posey

  • Jason

    Watching the Knicks game and we know KG’s range stretches out to one step inside the 3 point line. Two questions. First, have there ever been any stories about him trying to add that extra 3 feet to his range. If a player like Sheed can develop that range, why not KG? Second, even without developing that range, why doesn’t he take those shorter corner 3s? Seems like it’s certainly doable.

  • Yes, hes tried devoloping earlier in his career, but his bread and butter just happens to be the 17 footer, hes hit the 3 but doesnt shoot them consistently and that should be the least of anyones concerns..he should take less jump shots as it is….
    Sheed is a different player

  • Jason

    I don’t think “take less jump shots” is blanket statement you can make as a given truism. First, he rarely forces his Js. So, if he pops, is open and gets the ball in rhythm, it’s a high percentage shot and he should take it. Second, my entire point is the long 2 is the most inefficient shot in the game, but 3s are much more efficient, so if he can gain those extra 3 feet and that extra point, it would be very valuable. Plus, everyone knows KG’s one of the hardest workers. If he wanted to do it, it seems like he could.
    At this point of his career, I’m sure he’s not about to add a whole new dimension to his game. That being the case, I wasn’t really advocating he work on this. I was more curious if there was ever word he did explore this because again, a lot of his shots are of the inefficient variety.

  • Ive followed KG since he was in Minny, there was alot of talk about 9 yrs ago in the offseason about him becoming more of a 3 pt shooter…the most he ever shot in a season was 116 (01-02), and he shot 31%…never shot more then that in a season, hes just not a 3 pt shooter, hes only shot 19 since becoming a celtic