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“Beastondo” Ready to Lead

Chuck - Red's Army October 20, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on “Beastondo” Ready to Lead

You ready for the regular season? I'm ready for the regular season. I think most of the Celtics are ready too. Except for Rajon Rondo.

“No, we ain’t ready,” Rondo said. “We’ve got a long ways to go.”

“We’ve got to execute better, close out quarters and keep our
turnovers down,” Rondo said, drawing support from the 20 turnovers the
club committed in Toronto. “I just think we can be more consistent, and
it starts with me. It’s going to be difficult because we’ve added a
couple of guys, but for the most part we’ve got to get our timing back,
our rhythm back. (Kevin Garnett) was out for a long time last year.
We’ve got to get it together.”

Awww…. Our young, immature point guard is finally growing up. I like what I'm hearing – from Perk too:

“We can definitely get better as a team,” Perkins said. “A lot better.
Me and Rondo have to support the veterans and add that energy. We’ve
got a lot of great players here. As far as Rondo and myself, I just
think we’ve got to stay inside our body – you know, stay within our
roles. Obviously our roles have gotten bigger. Doc’s giving us a little
more leeway to do stuff. He’s emphasizing throwing it into the post and
stuff like that. But we’ve got to be responsible and still do the
little things we’re supposed to do.”

There are obvious benefits to playing with three future HOFers. You absorb their work habits and tricks of the trade, while they keep you motivated and focused.

But I'm assuming their presence can be suffocating at times. You can't tell me that Perk has never wanted to grab KG and say "Shut the f**k up!" And we've all heard stories of Rondo's stubborness.

Despite the potential pitfalls, these two have good heads on their shoulders (that sure sounds weird when pluralized). I like the way their games are progressing, mentally and physically.

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  • By what standards has rondo been immature? hes already among the most mature players on the team, and has been..what he said sounds no different then what hes said all along…anyways… I agree with them, while im excited to get the season under way..I dont think theyre playing as good as they could be and ulimately will be

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Do you guys think Rajon will ever get a nickname? Or is his name unique enough?

  • His name is pretty unique. Someone might come up with something… but what’s better than his name?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Yeah, I don’t know. His first and last name are unique as hell……
    I’ve heard Paul refer to him as, ‘Raj’. Taj…Mahal….Buddha….Rajon ‘The Holy One’ Rondo?
    Raj…On…Raj….On Fire. Rajon ‘Fire’ Rondo….Rajon ‘FireStarter’ Rondo………
    Ragin’ Rajon…..Rajon ‘Run’ Rondo….Rundo.