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Rajon Rondo’s awesomeness extends beyond the court

That's Rajon Rondo making a trip to Germany to visit wounded soldiers (h/t CelticsBlog).  He's awesome. 

As usual, I'll point your attention to the mitts…which, when he shakes someone's hand, wrap around the recipient's hand about 4 or 5 times like an octopus tentacle. 

Other things that will distract you from your workday.

I explain to Jeff at Project Spurs why the Spurs are boring… which he denies.

Blake Griffin posterized DJ Mbenga.  How awesome was the dunk?  Watch Andrew Bynum on the bench pull a towel over his face afterwards. 

LeBron James says there are no steroids in the NBA.  I agree… but I'm not naive.  Someone is always trying to get away with something. 

Is this Larry Bird's last season in Indy?

Oklahoma is stealing another pro basketball team

Speaking of which.  If you never got to see the Seattle Sonics documentary, the full movie is up online. 

And if you want to scout out the competition some more… About a dozen Central Division blogger previews can be found after the jump. 

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    That’s it. Man Crush on Rondo CONFIRMED.
    And did anyone else see that Bleeding Green Celtics hat? Saaahweeeeeet!