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NBA Scouts like LA… barely


I was having a highly classified discussion with someone recently who had a highly classified conversation with an advance scout.  He got a chance to look at all of the stuff that goes into being an advanced scout… including all of the minute details that are logged about every player this person sees.

So I think scouts have a good handle on what's happening in the NBA. 

That said… SI has polled 6 of those advance scouts about what they see happening this season.  The link has has the heavy detail… so here's the summary:

  • The Lakers are the clear favorites out West, with the Spurs close behind.  Portland is 3.
  • The Celtics and Cavs are in a virtual dead heat in the East, with the C's just slightly ahead.
  • All but 1 scout has the Lakers going to the Finals.
  • Cleveland / Boston are split evenly with 3 on each side.
  • Only 1 scout picked Orlando to go to the Conf. Finals.
  • In the Finals, LA got 2 votes, Cleveland got 2 votes, the C's and Spurs got 1 each.

So the scouts seem to be breaking down along the same lines we've been hearing so far:  The Lakers are still the easy choice out West.  But the Spurs and their very good off-season have closed in on the Lakers and could conceivably go to the Finals or win it all.  In the East, the Celtics and Cavs are 1-2 and then everyone else is fighting it out to be next.

And if these guys can't come to a consensus about how it all shakes out… then it's pretty clear that we're in for one hell of a season.  Just like I said earlier today:  Everyone's looking at the same thing… and they're not coming to the same conclusions. 

Let's start this season already.

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  • G4L

    Thats why they play the game!

  • JT

    Ugh…. one more week. I’m DYING. It’s like I’m shaking as I come off a 2 day hangover … oh wait, I’m still hungover from when you were here. LOL
    P.S. I think the Blazers could take the Spurs by storm if they get it right early this season.

  • I’ve been vocal in my admiration of the Blazers. I like what they’ve got. I think Oden breaks out this year.

  • Lex

    May I please say just one thing:

  • Lex

    May I please say just one thing:
    F the purple.

  • Lex

    That’s more like it. 🙂

  • Reality

    Oden looks great until the next injury.

  • Antoinew8

    Now, i know i’m just going by what i’ve seen in the pre-season and last season. But i’ve seen a bunch from most of the big teams in the East this pre-season(BOS, CLE, ORL, ATL, TOR, CHI, WAS) And I just think nobody has a team even close to Boston. I watch the highlghts, the games online, on the dish, and i just have that same giddy feeling that i had when the C’s first got KG and Ray two years ago. (I mean, after all, last year the team won 60+ games without KG towards the end and no Rasheed, now add them and OH MY GOD!) And this is why:
    Boston is so deep – Rasheed is playing as good as ever, hitting the outside shot, rebounding, blocking shots like he did four years ago, allyoop dunks. Glen Davis is showing last year wasn’t a fluke and this year he could be even better. Eddie has his full confidence and that is the key for good shooters, and Daniels is this seasons James Posey(minus the three point shooting)
    Cleveland is overrated – I think they’ll still win a lot of games because they’ve got the most athletic player in the game(Jawad Williams, ha ha) But Shaq has already shown he’s even a step slower than last year, and he does clog the lane for LeBron in the half-court. So unles James has learned to hit a consistant jumper(which he hasn’t), the team could struggle at times. And as for their additions, Moon does help the team defensively, and Parker finally gives them some size at the two. But both are only role players like Mo williams proved to be last year, so come playoff time, it’s still James on his own trying to win. Big Z off the bench won’t work either, as he’s shown over the last few years that after his first stint on the floor, he almost disappears the rest of the game, so coming in and out with less minutes to keep him active is a negative.
    Orlando lost its leader – Carter IS better than Hedu, But like Paul Pierce is better than KG, KG is still the heart of this team, as Hedu was to the magic last year. The team is going to have to forge a new identity, with Jameer having to take that next step to becoming a true leader if they really want to be serious contenders, and that could take some time. So in the end, Pietrus and Gortat are the reason this team floats or sinks, if they both play like they did towards the end of last season, the team could still be a factor.
    And Atlanta’s still too up and down to be a real contender, Chicago looks for real and could give Cleveland a run for the Central if Rose becomes a consistant outside threat, but still they’re in that second level, Washington still lacks great defense to be higher than the fourth best team, and Toronto is Phoenix Suns lite. Miami could surprise if Jermain Oneal is healthy, Beasly stays straight, and Wade plays lights out, but that’s a stretch.
    The other reason the Celtics will win, is that they match up best against evryone else, or i should say it better in that, no one else matches up well with the C’s. Perk Showed he can handle Dwight howard, and KG always gives Rashard Fits, Vince cant guard Ray Allen, and Jameer will be crying before every game against the celtics because he sees number 9 opposite him. So that leaves just Pietrus who can handle ONE of our positions. Perk also has been able to keep Shaq at bay in the past, and now that he’s faster, he can beat “The big road block” up and down the court. Varajao has nothing on KG or even Rasheed, James and Pierce matchup well, Parker and West cant handle Ray, and Rondo kills Mo Williams.
    And when the C’s face the Fakers or the Spurs, they matchup well with them. The Spurs i think would give the Celtics the toughest run this year if they meet in the finals. Which i think they will.
    So after all that yammering. The C’s won’t be stopped. Every year these scouts, coaches, and GM polls are wrong. They usually just pick the teams from the previous year’s finals, or the two best teams from the previous year to get back to the finals. Last year they all said Celtics, Lakers, the year before they said spurs and cavs, the year before that they said the Spurs and Heat. SO what do they know anymore than the common objective observer like you and myself. Nothing.