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Chamillionaire Says MJ Is One Rude Bastard

Hip-hop artist/rapper Chamillionaire was a huge Michael Jordan fan, until he met up with his Airness at a recent party.

Let's just say Jordan wasn't kind to Chamillionaire's request for a photo.

According to Chamillionaire, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen witnessed the incident and took some pictures with him after the Jordan bitch-slapping.

For the record, I did not know who Chamillionaire was, until I googled his name. I'm hoping some of our younger readers might appreciate this story, because I don't give a damn about this dude's hurt feelings.

(Warning – Video contains NSFW language. Thanks to KWAPT for the link)

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  • Alex

    If you like hip hop or rap, I recommend downloading Chamillionaire’s album. Great stuff.

  • Walk

    And if you like Weird Al Yankovic, he does an excellent parody of Chamillionaire’s “Ridin Diry” under the title “White & Nerdy”.

  • lol…honestly doesnt make me think any different of Jordan…he’s an asshole, I think thats part of what made him who he was on the court, and hes still a brilliant buisnessman, despite just being a bitter old man.. a really really rich bitter asshole, but still the greatest of all time…The funniest thing i take out of this is that Ray Allen and Pierce hangout with jordan..

  • I have a friend that met Chamillionaire at an event once and said that he took 20 minutes to take pictures with every fan that wanted one. I see his point here, he seems like a decent guy

  • I also have a friend who met Chamillionaire in Hawaii and says the same-very cool dude. If you think about, punching MJ may have been a good career-move. Do you know how much press that would get? But, he’d go to jail and probably lose any endorsement deals he has.

  • Ray (being a JordanBrand endorser) and Paul were there as guests-it was in September when MJ was in Springfield for HOF induction. I don’t think they really “hangout”. But who knows….

  • Well I know ray and jordan go golfing, or have been golfing together and have a relationship/friendship…as for paul hes also friendly with michael, heard other stories, seen paul trash talk to mj etc..theyre aquaintances and peers, great friends, maybe not

  • baltimoresbest01

    Best post so far. I was watching this live and one of those questions was asked by me.

  • JD

    Michael Jordan=Kanye West ?

  • nick

    M.J equals a fucking pompous my shit don’t stink asshole…Honestly 2 seconds of your time 2 make someone’s day and u can’t? I hope Chamillionaire disses him on a record. My favorite all-time non-celtic Karl Malone, shoulda smashed them chicago bulls in the finals. I always have the argument with my brother who LOVES Jordan and Pippen that if the Jazz would of had a “Supreme” talent like Pippen “and sorry John Stockon doesn’t count, he’s a 6’0 white PG”…say Dominique Wilkins or Clyde Drexler that they would have been the dynasty and not the Bulls. Any thoughts. Malone deff struggled at times in the clutch but thats because he had nobody else 2 take any pressure of him and create his own shots! Fuck the Bulls I hate them till this day!

  • SunTzu

    Any thought? If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. What’s your point, some wouldacouldashoulda where if something else had happened it would have been different? Of course Utah WOULD have had a chance with different material, but they DIDN’T. Get over it.
    The Best of All Time blew off some half-wit hiphop artist. Boo fucking Hoo.

  • Nick! What’s poppin’ kid! I was thinking of you earlier when watching Matt Barnes in a Magic uni tonight. (damn) I couldn’t stand Malone and the peak of my can’t standing him was when Magic Johnson came back and he was all ignorant about the whole HIV thing. Sorry, I have NO love for Karl or the Jazz. But much luv for you Nick!

  • Wow-you’re a miserable fuck. lol..

  • john

    Comment about what Nick said..
    WHY does it matter that Stockton was “white”? Would it have been different if he was a 6’0″ black PG???