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I Gotta Read This Book

Chuck - Red's Army October 16, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on I Gotta Read This Book

Birdmagic Jackie MacMullen was on WEEI this morning talking about her new book – When the Game Was Ours.

From the moment these two players took the court on opposing sides,
they engaged in a fierce physical and psychological battle. Their
uncommonly competitive relationship came to symbolize the most
compelling rivalry in the NBA. These were the basketball epics of the
1980s — Celtics vs Lakers, East vs West, physical vs finesse, Old
School vs Showtime, even white vs black.

Jackie shared some great stories this morning about just how much these guys wanted to top each other and how they became great friends while shooting the famous Converse commercial in French Lick.

She says Bird was devastated by the news that Magic contracted HIV. Magic's other good friend, Isiah Thomas, became paranoid Magic was gay and that ultimately ended their relationship. And since Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic hated Isiah, he had no chance of making the 92 Dream Team.

Click here for audio of Jackie's appearance on WEEI.

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  • thetitleisours

    Well we know what Isiah and Steph think about woman
    Lets see, three classy players versus one unclassy player. Goodbye Thomas

  • one of the great lines ever
    And since Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic hated Isiah, he had no chance of making the 92 Dream Team
    Hello Stockton and Glyde

  • Lee in Oregon

    MJ was the one who wouldnt play if Zeke was there. I’m sure others would have tolerated him….Jordan had the one stipulation or he would have sat out.
    Even with Laetner, the best team ever assembled.

    I knew Jordan and Larry didn’t get along with Isiah but I had no clue about Magic’s falling out. Shame on me!!! I can’t wait to get the this book! OMG!