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Perk Takes a Shot at Chris Bosh

Chuck - Red's Army October 15, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Perk Takes a Shot at Chris Bosh

Via CelticsBlog:

He started off the game, got aggressive. He got calls early. I think…
as the game went on the refs started letting us play physical, you know
they’re a finesse team. They’re not a physical team. You can’t be
somebody you’re not. So I think the refs just started letting us play a
little bit more.

That's Perk bitch-slapping Chris Bosh's game.

I don't get the fascination with Bosh. Yes, he puts up good numbers. But I've never seen him make any clutch plays. Maybe that's because I only see him play against the Celtics and he's always getting manhandled by our frontcourt.

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  • G4L

    Let’em know Perk! Perk just says it how he sees it.
    You’re right on Bosh I’ve never ever seen him make a clutch shot either, But he definitely is a top 15 NBA Player.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    ……Chris Bosh is fantastic. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Joseph

    Chris Bosh had 21 pts on 8/13 and f*ggot Perkins is talking sh*t….WHY??? When someone scores 21 points on you and shoots an efficient 61.5%, it’s not like you stopped him.

  • I love Perk. He doesn’t sugar coat it.

  • Venus

    Uh that’s because unlike you he actually played the game and didn’t just glance at the boxscore.
    His point was Bosh started out strong and lost steam which is supported by the fact that he had 1 point in the second half when the Celtics were stretching the lead out.

  • KY Celts fan

    wow, Jo, you’re stupid.

  • Jason

    Bosh made everything last night. He looked elite for sure. Still, Perk’s very right. He bodied Bosh twice in the opening minutes and was called for BS fouls. (New refs, same as the old ones). Those were Bosh’s first 4 points right there. Gifts.
    It’s preseason, but to everyone’s credit Perk stayed in with the two fouls and was still himself and didn’t pick up more fouls, though they did switch Garnett to D Bosh.
    In the Nets game the night before, Lopez was getting star calls and Perk and Baby were getting the shaft. And in the Raps game, they started off giving Bosh the star treatment and shafting Perk. Then Pierce drives, gets his headband nearly knocked off, no foul. When is this crap going to stop? I can’t take NBA officiating. I really can’t. And it’s only preseason.
    Anyway, 1) Bosh both got calls and looked great, 2) Perk’s comments are pretty right on, he’s the man and 3) NBA refs (old or new) suck, suck, suck!