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Do We Really Need Much More From KG?


KG's line from last night's game: 16 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks in 22 minutes. This production is enough to help us win a title (Had he been able to give us half that in the playoffs last year, we would have blown past Orlando). Yes, the numbers will increase with the minutes, but KG's emotional leadership is more valuable than his stats.

He helps set the tone defensively in the 1st and 3rd quarters. He helps right the ship when other teams make runs. He inspires teammates and intimidates opposing players.

Because the Celtics are so deep, Kevin Garnett at 85-90% is enough for them to win it all.

Like the rest of us, Doc was happy to see Garnett dunking:

That was nice,’’ coach Doc Rivers said.
“Unexpected, actually, because Kevin got kneed in the calf in the first
half, so I didn’t think he was running well. And all of a sudden, out
of nowhere, he becomes the old Kevin.

“That’s the only thing, really, that you can see that he hasn’t done. And to see that, that’s really big.’’

Some of our readers have been so impressed with Mike Sweetney, they're calling for Doc and Danny to give him Tony Allen's roster spot. The big guy can play, but he's light years away from contributing on this team. I hate to say it, but Tony Allen has more value. I think…

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  • Walk

    This is what I’m looking for…thanks for putting up highlights.
    We can read everything we want about KG’s knee but seeing him and Rondo hook up again speaks volumes about his recovery and current status. 18 is coming!

  • FSantos33

    How much does Sweetney weigh really? To be kind he must be pushing 380 lb easy. I wouldn’t give up TA’s expiring contract for him. I give Hudson a Tommy Point for his performance; he can really play.

  • Sweetney cant rebound or guard the pick and roll. Smooth offensive game but that aint gonna cut it. Nice dude though

  • thetitleisours

    Sweetney would be a fun guy to bring in during an extra physical game. He would be great at softening up the opponent so the big four could come in and clean house.
    I would dump TA for him. Giddens could replace what TA has been doing and Walker will be back in a few

  • Sophomore

    As a pure basketball decision, you have to keep Sweetney over Allen. You know what you have in Allen: a player who might earn a little time on the second unit if he can learn to make fewer mistakes. Sweetney is at least that, and he might be more. A year from now, if he’s dropped 50 pounds he could be solid second-line player.
    On the expiring contract issue, I have no idea. The business stuff is definitely important but not something I’m ever going to follow for fun.

  • DRJ

    Either Sweets or TA would be #15, so neither is going to contribute a whole lot. But TA’s only value is on 1-on-1 D (he’s too brainless for team D)… but then you have to contend with him on O, were his contributions tend to go mostly in the TO column.
    I think Danny has been trying hard to move TA, with no success. He might hold on to him in an effort to finally unload his 2.5m during the season. But Sweet is a good high-IQ player, who, 40-50 lbs lighter (as the contract might stipulate), could contribute a lot on D as well as O.
    Not a big issue of course, either way…. but they gotta make some decision so it’s fun to guess at it. For me… Sweets is fun to have on board, fun to watch, good potential. TA is just painful all around.

  • Those Rondo to KG dunks were glorious last night. Sweetney needs to lose a massive amount of weight, but a dead tree stump would contribute more than TA. He’s always hurt.

  • Business aside, love to drop TA for Sweetney.
    He should have been cutting lb’s 3 months ago if he was serious… so questions of commitment are high.

  • thetitleisours

    That is funny on a number of levels!
    Personally I would live to see Gasol quickly getting ticked off by being bumped by Sweetney back side.
    Take Sweetney to Taco Bell before the game and we have one heck of a weopan

  • Jason

    Let’s just say Sweets worked full-time to lose fat (not weight). Even under an ideal, full-time fat loss program, healthy loss is maximized at 2 pounds a week. If he has even 30 (probably closer to 50) pounds to lose, that’s a minimum of 15 weeks. It’s probably closer to 5 or 6 months since obviously Sweets has had some problem in this area.
    Point is, are the Celts going to dump TA’s salary and let Sweetney eat up (pun intended) a roster spot that long? And even if he reaches his goal (not a given) will he even be able to play D by then which is always the first thing Doc expects bench players to do? Interesting decision.

  • BamaCeltic

    I say Hell ya drop TA, he is nothing more than dead weight..Sweetny seems like he is ready to work and contribute, and he is way smarter ball player..Georgetown alum , he knows how to play , he def has my vote for the roster spot. I really hope they would do it……especially since JR is fixen to be our new defensive stopper anyway!! Come on Danny !!!