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The Truth Might Not Pick Up That $21 Million Option


According to Gary Tanguay, Paul Pierce says he's willing to NOT pick up his $21 million option for next season and sign a salary-cap friendly extension.

Will a contract in the range of 3-years, $45 million be enough to satisfy Pierce?

Is it possible the team won't want Pierce around for 3 more years?

At some point soon, the Celtics have to get younger. Signing Rajon Rondo to a multi-year deal will help, but the C's will still need that cornerstone swing player.

It will be tough to predict Pierce's future, until the team makes decisions on Ray Allen and Rondo.

I love Pierce and Ray, but I don't want to re-live the early 90s, when the Celtics stuck with the aging Big 3 and got nowhere.

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  • FSantos33

    I agree with you; I definitely don’t want to watch the early 90’s horror film again. Reggie Lewis was supposed to be the cornerstone of the Celtics before his tragic death. After Lewis’s death, big 3’s retirement, and bad management; it was all down hill from there. Now in a similar scenario with the current big 3 what kind of chess game will Ainge play? KG will be in Green till he retires, his contract is too big to move; Ainge can try to work out deals with Ray and Paul to stay for a reasonable price. Then you have Rondo, he is up for a big payday. Sheed, House, Daniels and Baby on the books for couple more years. Will there be enough $$ left to get a cornerstone guy like a D-Wade? We shall wait and see fellas. I have confidence in Ainge to make the right moves but for now lets not worry about that too much. We are blessed with who we have right now. So lets enjoy the ride and bring home #18!!

  • the 90’s teams brought us such great players as Alaa Abdelnaby, Todd Day, Junior Burrough, Joe Wolf (fear the mullet),Stojko Vranković and my favortite bust Mike Smith. Let that never happen again still way better then the ricky p Era!!!!!!!!!

  • FSantos33

    Marty Conlon (fear the perm)

  • Danno

    Chris “H-Train” Herren.

  • antoinew8

    You all are crazy if you think that same situation will happen again. That was a culmination of awful thing after awful thing happening that amounted to the basketball’s version of the bermuda triangle.
    – First Bird went downhill quick(which who knows, we may be seeing with KG, but still that’s a stretch)
    – Then Reggie Lewis died(you can’t expect that to hapen again to Rondo or something, can you?)
    – Then the Celtics drafted horribly and let Dino Radja run away(Danny has shown that he’s at least 60% right with his picks unlike the 10% right of the 90’s)
    – Plus the team didn’t have the money to spend that they do now.
    I will agree with you that this coming offseason it would be nice to see the team sign a young cornerstone piece(Wade, Durant, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, Rudy Gay, or Lamarcus Aldridge) And to those who don’t think they can, it will be easy because coming off their books at the end of the year is:
    Ray Allen – 18.7 mil
    Brian Scalabrine – 3.4 mil
    Eddie House – 2.8 mil
    Tony Allen – 2.5 mil
    Rajon Rondo – 2 mil
    Marquise Daniels – 1.9 mil
    Giddens – 1 mil
    Sheldon Williams – 800 thousand
    TOTAL = 33.1 mil
    Add in Pierce’s – 20 mil and that’s 53 million that the team has to deal with.
    So this scenerio could easily follow:
    – Pierce re-signs for 15 mil over 4 years
    – Ray Allen re-signs for 8-10 mil over two years
    – Rondo re-signs for 8-10 mil over four years
    – Wade, Johnson, etc. . . signs for 15-20 mil over four years.
    This all leaves between 0-7 mil that’s left to fill out the last five spots on the roster if they stay at the same salary as now. Easy.
    So stop worrying about the 90’s happening again, Danny and Wic won’t let it happen. The Celtic’s organization is like the spurs now(Making good late roung picks, surrounding a nucleus with free agent signings,) When a team is good, players want to play there. With the guys the C’s have, the team has a good three year window still of being good, just add a young Free agent every few years and you sustain that quality forever.

  • Joseph

    Yea, I guess the 21st century is working out well in Suckdic land. The Suckdics have one championship and the Lakers have 4. HAHAHAH SUCKERS!!!

  • JT

    so you think pierce will opt out of a 21 million dollar 1 year deal to play for 4 years for 15 mil? get real dude.

  • IKnowMeYou

    Its about time for a laker post isnt it chuck?? you guys are due up for one cuz traffic seems to be slow and honestly who gives a shit about the celtics? make this a lakers website lollll

  • paul

    Aw man i can’t wait to see Pierce walk all over your punk Artest

  • NineSevenEight

    Looks like you give a shit about the Celtics.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Pierce is incredibly durable. If there’s one guy I dont mind watching grow old, it’s him. Plus his game isnt gonna be heavily effected by age in that he isnt based on speed or flash. Not sure I want Ray or KG in 3 years unless it’s in a non-starting role or we have other studs on the roster.
    Let’s not forget the 90’s wouldnt have sucked so bad if a certain 2 guys hadnt passed away so trajically.
    All u Taker fans are pathetic. Are there no Taker sites where u can jam your tongues up Kobe’s privates?

  • Antoinew8

    Hey JT, I was just saying a general number for Pierce’s contract and was using KG as the standard bearer. KG was making 21mil (or something like that)when he first came to the Celtics, and now is making about 16-17 mil over the next few years. So it’s not entirely unbelievable that Pierce would take a contract for 15(or so)million. I know Paul could easily make more money if he wanted to, but as has been shown many times before, players (after making tons of money over their careers) will sometimes take less to win late in their careers.
    So think before you post, buddy.

  • Joseph

    Maybe Pierce is rethinking beacuse he doesn’t want to get stabbed in Boston again.

  • Jon

    Ah yes, very relevant. That happened nearly a decade ago and he’s already resigned with the Celtics since then. But I’m sure you’re right.
    You see, unlike Kobe rape/adultery jokes or Artest insanity jokes, Pierce stabbing jokes don’t invoke any sort of anger at all because he’s not the bonehead who committed the actions. They just make the people who say or type them look dumb. So congratulations, you’re dumb.