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Pierce, Wallace Called Overrated By Detroit Blog


Somebody named Kevin Sawyer who writes for a Pistons blog called Detroit Bad Boys has included a couple of Celtics on his All-Overrated Team.

C – Rasheed Wallace

Honestly, I think he makes Boston worse.  They are already an elite
defensive squad, and his mediocre three point shooting will take
opportunities from more effective shooters.  Oh, and Boston relies on
chemistry more than any other team.  Also, anyone else as glad as I am
that we don’t have to hear “Rasheed would be the best big man in the
league if he’d stick to the post” 80 games a year?  Nonsense.  Sour
grapes? Perhaps, but ‘Sheed certainly hastened the fermentation process.

We're all dumber for reading that paragraph, and since a rebuttal could be handled by a preschooler, I'm turning the keyboard over to my 5-year old son. Here's goes: KG's absence from injury aside, the Celtics slipped a bit on defense last season. Rasheed Wallace will help prevent lapses, especially with the second unit. Is Sheed really a "mediocre" three point shooter? His career average of 34% is slightly better than LeBron's and Kobe's, and nobody calls them mediocre shooters.

F – Paul Pierce

What has he done without Kevin Garnett? For a guy who’s considered a
Hall of Fame lock, isn’t it reasonable to ask?  Perhaps it’s only fair
that Pierce is earning kudos now.  For years, he was underrated,
laboring for some poorly stocked squads.  But his production has
slipped below all-star caliber, and he’s actually one reason why I
don’t think the Celtics belong in the same discussion as Orlando and

I don't have a problem with Sawyer questioning KG's impact on Pierce. But look at most HOFers who won championships, and you'll find other All-Stars on his team.

The reason Pierce's offensive production has allegedly slipped below All-Star caliber, is because he's sharing the ball with two future HOFers and a budding superstar point guard. On the other side of the ball, anyone who has watched at least one Celtics games over the past two years knows that Pierce has improved his defense.

My biggest gripe with this list – it doesn't include Vince Carter – the king of overrated players.

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  • Lex

    34% from 3
    50% from 2
    That’s important because his overall fg is below 50. Once you separate the two, you understand the dude can shoot at a high percentage from both 3 and 2

  • Mr West

    They are just hating on P. If he were a piston, it would be an upgrade to there lineup. I think hes just frustrated as a Piston fan. Bad management, horrible coaching, & they dont do a good job in drafting or player developement
    just my thoughts
    Thanks Redarmy

  • I think its embarrasing garbage when people try to say “what did Pierce do without Garnett”
    Cuz you could easily flip the switch and say, what did KG do without Pierce?
    Oh, and maybe he forgets Pierce dominating a Piston squad in 2002 in the 2nd round of the playoffs leading in abysmal squad to the eastern conference finals…yeah he mustve forgotten that

  • Oh, and now that Sheed isnt a piston, hes overrated?
    Him coming off our bench instead of Mikki Moore…Make us…Worse?

  • oh, and does this blockhead not understand the concept of basketball, and furthermore this celtics team?…lol @ saying his numbers have dropped…..and? so havent ray allen and KGs, and anyone else who comes to play for this team, its called sacrifice knucklehead…and hes picked up the “drop” in his numbers on the defensive end…

  • Walk

    I love reading this website and all the entries but if you could please try to pass on posting ridiculous blog postings like this. I truly feel dumber just for reading that. Pierce overrated? Dude even had Kobe as overrated. I hate Kobe but know enough not to label him as “overrated”. Should we really be giving the time of day for bloggers that put out such garbage like that?

  • Alex

    Redsarmy should try taking care of their readers by not displaying this kind of garbage for us to read. I swear I lost brain cells reading that Pistons blogger’s crap. You know you’re a dumbass if you call Kobe overrated. As much as I hate Kobe, I know he’s not overrated.

  • I hear you guys, but I feel it’s my duty to point out garbage like this. Go to that site and unleash an insightful yet blistering rebuttal.

  • KWalk

    But the real question is: Why is Rasheed Wallace rockin highwaters?