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“I’d run through a brick wall if [Doc] wants me to”

Kg chest thump

Peter May has a feature piece on KG up on Yahoo! today.  The whole thing focuses on KG's recovery and the challenges he faces because of it.  It's a good piece… but this quote about him and Doc is really striking.

“Every time I step on the court, every time I pick up a basketball, the
reason is to improve,’’ Garnett went on. “I’m like one of those old
cats at the park who have a certain way about how they do stuff. When I
get on the court, I work hard. And sometimes I feel Doc is tearing me
back, not from not necessarily getting better, but from the workload.
It’s something I have to understand. At first, I thought he was saying,
‘Hey, sit down. Get some rest.’ There’s that word again. I think I’ve
done a pretty good job of listening to him and finding out what he
wants from me. I’d do anything for Doc and he knows that. I’d run
through a brick wall if he wants me to. He tends to say, ‘Hey, I’ll
tell you when I want you do that.’ It’s about me understanding what he

That shows how much respect KG has for Doc Rivers.  And when your big dog has respect for you, the rest of the team has no choice but to fall in line.  That's part of why this works.  I know Paul Pierce and Doc have grown to really respect one another as well.

Back to KG…

It's an interesting piece because this injury has forced him to be something he hasn't been before.  He's had to back off when he's used to going full throttle.  He's learning patience.  If you're looking for something positive out all of this, it's that KG is learning even more about himself… which he can use to get the most out of his body in the last few years of his career.

(Hat tip: Lex)

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  • Seriously, at this point in the season, I am so freakin’ fired up that I would run through 18 brick walls for Doc or KG, for that matter.
    I’d eat nails for this team to smoke home #18.
    I’d marry Khloe Kardashian for the team to win #18.
    Actually, that is a lie. I would rather the team lose than marry her.
    Sorry, Lamar.
    Actually, I’m not sorry at all. You deserve her and she deserves you.