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Get Pierce off that exercise ball!!

Pierce excercise ball
The Sacramento Kings have banned exercise balls in their facility… because one exploded under Francisco Garcia while he was lifting… leading to a wrist injury that will cost him 4 months.

Ziller has more on Sactown Royalty.

You knew this had to happen: Sam Amick of The Bee reports that the Kings have banned the use of exercise balls in the Natomas practice facility. In fact. Joe Maloof directed staff to hang signs in the weight room reminding Kings players of the prohibition.

Amick also reports the team is drafting a memo to send out to all 29
other NBA teams warning of the secret dangers of exercise balls. I
would like to save the Kings PR staff some time, so here's my version: "Kings guard Francisco Garcia broke his arm when the exercise ball he was lifting weights on exploded."

So this goes out to Brian Doo:  get rid of those evil orbs of death.  I've seen this movie before.  No one has ever heard of this kind of injury in the NBA… then all of a sudden it happens to half a dozen guys.  Let's not have that be a story line here in Boston… ok?  Thanks.

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  • Maybe you shouldn’t be bench pressing 200lbs on a Swiss ball?

  • thetitleisours

    I am sure Garcia has not lived that down. Who wants to be known as the guy injured by exploding balls?

  • Yeah… those things are only designed to hold so much weight. So when you’re benching on it, you’re pushing it.
    But still…. these are big guys. I don’t even like the possibility of it happening. I mean… what if Sweetney gets on one and weakens it? Or what if he pops it… the force could kill people.

  • Alex

    I’m surprised Sacramento Kings have the money to buy the exercise balls.

  • thetitleisours

    Now THERE is an image lol
    I imagine your ears would be ringing for awhile too

  • Walk

    Can we get Tony Allen on an “all medicine ball” routine so we can just end it already?

  • CFH

    Eddy Curry popped one just by sitting on it last year. No one was hurt, but it was a nice excuse to mock Isiah Thomas for his Eddy-love.

  • That’s horrible… and funny. Mostly funny

  • Shit. that’s right. Not only that… I think I posted it to make fun of his fatness.

  • cmoney

    There has been a lot of writing by fitness experts condemning “unstable surface training”, which is exactly what doing compound heavy lifts on something like a swiss ball is.
    Boston’s own Eric Cressey has written a bunch about the topic. Unstable surface training is mainly useful as ankle rehab, and maybe some other lower body rehab work (which would entail light external loads). It has no measurable strength benefits in experienced, healthy trainees, however.
    In all honesty, the S&C coach prescribing such exercises should probably be fired.
    In the pic above, Pierce should get off that crap and into the squat rack.

  • BigMck

    Looks like Garcia will have more time to hang with these two: