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Does Marbury have a beef with Paul Pierce?

Marbury pierce

Via Stephon Marbury's Twitter page:

pierce is better then kobe bryant yes or no. Ask him what does he
think. You know how I feel about kobe so we won't speak on it. LIL

tell Doc and Danny your daddy's that some one you fake truth. Your
style is played out number 34. The hood knows your so far gone.

We tuned out the incoherent Twitter ramblings of Stephon Marbury long ago, but these messages to Paul Pierce clearly caught our attention. Sounds like the vaseline-eating, Ustream addict has a bone to pick with the Truth.

We retweeted the message to Paul Pierce. We'll let you know if he responds.

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  • Danno

    Why would you encourage Paul to possibly embarrass himself by lowering himself to Marbury’s level and responding?
    These are grown-ass men. No need to instigate fights between them.

  • Instigate? I prefer to call it investigate reporting.

  • kwalk

    Marbury is clearly jealous of Pierce and why wouldn’t he be. Paul shouldn’t (and probably doesn’t) give two shits about what Stephon has to say. Paul’s in the league, Stephon’s not. The man is crazy…Paul’s been around enough crazy people to know just to keep walking and not make eye contact.
    Must be a slow news day… Stop trying to start something where there’s nothing. Let him enjoy his birthday.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Can the record be stricken of any mention of that freakshow starbury wearing green? Now he’s bad-mouthing the captain? (who just very recently actually made a contribution to society outside of basketball). Steph should concentrate on things like selling his shitty gear, vaseline, and young men, and leave basketball smack to guys who still have the skills to ball in the NBA….like #34 or say JR Giddens. peace

  • Larry_Bird_fanatic

    LOL, good for you. Pierce made a fool of himself after their championship over the Bynum-less Lakers by saying he thought he was the best …now an equally silly person, Marbury, has contradicted that. The only person silly enough besides Pierce to compare themselves to Kobe would be LBJ, but I think Orlando showed how limited his repetoire was… yet he still embarrassed himself by claiming “to lead” the olympic team when everyone else said Kobe was the man, Kobe elevated all their games, Kobe set the tone … sheesh, Pierce, Lebron, and Starbury all need some ego checking. Good reporting!

  • Danno

    The kind of “reporting” that can lead to off court shenanigans that get people hurt, or distract from what the team is trying to accomplish.
    Leave the tabloid garbage to the shitty overgrown frathouse blogs like barstool.

  • Kobe bryant is overrated,
    Maybe if Kobe ever thorughly outplayed Paul head-to-head or in the finals he wouldnt feel this way
    Paul can think what he wants, Marbury can say what he wants..who really cares, this is just bitterness on marburys part, period

  • Joseph

    If they’re “grown-ass” men, then they obviously know the best response is to ignore it. But since they’re both egotistical 8-year-olds in athlete’s bodies, you can expect both “vaseline” Marbury and “wheelchair” Pierce to act like complete morons.

  • Joseph

    LBJ is at least in the same universe as Kobe, and eventually (in some ways) will surpass him. But Pierce and Marbury? Bitch, please. Definitely lower-tiered, nowhere near Kobe.

  • Joseph

    LOL! Yeah, sure. I think Kobe would take his 4-championship, 1-MVP, all-world status over one-hit wonder chubby Pierce any day.
    Hey, need a wheelchair?

  • Peter E. Rowe

    Marbury realizes that managment asked
    Pierce if the Celtics should pick up Marbury.
    Obviously, Marbury has not contract.
    But lets get a reality check.
    Stop pushing your own agenda. Obviously you like Kobe. No harm there. Of course, wasn’t he dissing Bynum the summer before the Pierce led Celtics vanquished the Lakers?
    I bet if you ask Kobe off the record what he thinks of Bynum it wouldn’t be much different. WE all know Ariza and Gasol were the difference makers in last years Laker win.
    This has nothing to do with the Lakers. It has to do with Marbury being unwanted.
    Keep you agendas to yourself. besides, I think we can agree Larry Bird is better than Kobe….heh

  • Birdies Bane

    Marbury, heh.
    Didn’t he used to be a NYC legend.
    Now he’s dissing the Truth with vaseline on his lips

  • Hey Joseph, I never said anything about wanting to take Pierces resume over Kobe, but Kobes resume is party why hes overrated, he rode shaq to 3 titles, and never deserved a single all defensive team.
    Look at the head-to-head, it includes there regular season matchups. Pierce plays as good, or better and much more efficient. Look at there finals matchup, Pierce finals MVP
    Have a good day bud

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I liked Marbury. No more of that.

  • Jospeh

    Yeah, I thought you’d backtrack: comparing Pierce’s resume to Kobe’s is like comparing college hoops with the pros: different ball game, different universe.
    Over-rated? 4 titles, an MVP, and two scoring titles. And pound for pound, there was no better defensive guard than Kobe from 2001-2006 (at least). Flabby-ass Wheelchair is a pouter who disappears in games. Kobe NEVER disappears–killer instinct, always putting the game on his shoulders when it’s needed. What I’m looking forward to is Wheelchair gettin’ bitch-slapped by Ron-Ron this year. Ohhhhh it’s gonna be fun to watch!

  • Noones comparing resumes, im talking head-to-head stats, the only one backtracking is you, completly deferring the topic at hand, because if took a minute to look, you would see that “chubby” pierce has outplayed kobe in there meetings in the NBA, including the finals in 08…these are facts,, you are a moron..and “ron ron” is garbage

  • Kobe never disappears? I’m guessing you didn’t watch Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals.

  • D

    Pierce is not the best player on his team yet alone the NBA. Wonder what the head to head macthups were before garnett got there. He is the backbone of that celtic defense.

  • Joseph

    Who the hell gives a rat’s-ass about “stats”, dipshit? Kobe and Wheelchair don’t play the same position. And if you want to talk “stats”, how many scoring titles does Wheelchair have? Exactly.
    Look, chump, I understand it’s hard to accept your team was a one-hit wonder (nice job throwing the season in ’07), stacked with geriatrics, mortgaged your future to win a single championship. True champions, like the Lakers and Spurs, come back year after year with multiple championships. When Boston can do that, then we’ll talk.
    Until then, Wheelchair and his team are going to have to settle for second tier (at best).

  • Or game 7 of the first round series with Phoenix in 2006.

  • hey idiot, look at the link I posted, it has all there regular season head-to-heads…noone cares about your Garnett theories…Pierce outplayed kobe his entire career head-to-head…so do me a favor and shut the fuck up

  • You truly are a moron
    Who cares about stats? um Kobe fans
    Kobe was Tmac Post-shaq and Pre-Gasol.
    And your wheelchair chubby jokes show nothing but insecurity and bitterness towards a player who gets the better of kobe every single time they matchup…and too say Kobe doesnt dissapear is just an epic recreatin of history by a total fucking homer…bye

  • Also, lol @ Joseph for deflecting saying “waaah they dont even play the same position”
    You mean to tell me, Mr All defensive team didnt take the challenge to guard the celtics best perimeter player all these years? actually he did, and could do nothing about it…nothing
    And stop with your brainfart theories…aw yes “we mortaged our future for 1 championship” first of all, u can see the future and see we only win 1? no blockhead you cant…also what future, we kept 2 of the best players on our team, and also have contracts lined up as huge trade asssets to keep this team competive for years…keep dreaming though …waaaah wheelchair…waaaah chubbby
    and by the way, you only wish ron artest was as good as pierce, and you only wish you were in as good of shape as paul pierce

  • Ed Teach

    I had to check the web address to see if I was actually still on a Celtics blog. The comments made me think I was on the message boards. Bunch of Trolls on here.

  • Joseph

    You still yammering away, you fuckwit? I’m obviously wasting time actually trying to explain shit to you, so I’ll treat you like the moron you are and just state it in the simplest terms:
    1) Kobe is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. Wheelchair is not. This is inarguable.
    2) Kobe is a better scorer, defender, and all-around player than Wheelchair, and will be forever recognized in history as such.
    3) Kobe has more championship rings than Wheelchair. Rings, bitch, rings.
    And finally, Kobe is recognized by anyone with a modicum of basketball knowledge as a better player than Wheelchair. One of the best of all time, to repeat again for dimwitted cunts like yourself. I can’t believe this even needs to be pointed out to anyone, except to a homer shit-for-brains like yourself.
    Now, if you take issue with that, it’s like taking issue with basic math, or the law of gravity, in which case you are a true and complete imbecile. Now, go stare at the wall and meditate on this until it penetrates your dogshit brain. Which is doubtful, given the evidence.

  • Joseph

    Where was Boston in 2006? Or 2005? Or, uh, 1987-2007? Certainly not winning championships.
    One-hit wonder geriatrics. See you in 2020, if you’re lucky.

  • Hey Moron… go fuck yourself…find me a direct quote saying I think Pierce is better then Bryant? … you cant…so what the fuck are you even talking about, I posted factual, statistical evidence proving Pierce outplays Kobe bryant head-to-head, you completly ignore it, get your panties in a bunch and start talking about wheelchairs.
    Wheelchairs? get the fuck off your high horse, you’re the one rooting for the rapist

  • Havent heard that one before
    Yeah, because danny ainge cant pull off another trade or signing to keep the team competetive post big 3
    right…fucking moron

  • Jeff

    In some ways, I view Stephon’s breakdown and childlike, thugish antics as similar to those displayed by Mike Tyson during his spiralling fall from superstardom. It is my belief that like Tyson, Marbury is a very depressed, and extremely insecure/fragile guy who for so long as used his basketball success to boost an ego projected as indestructible. Unfortunately, that ego was an all consuming shell hiding little more than fear and probably alot of pain. Now with so much time off, a relatively unsuccessful stint with the Celts, and no teams knocking on his door for his services, he is doubting himself. The signs are obvious…In my experience, people who are that loud, obnoxious, and full of themselves dont actually believe their own hype. Marbury I believe is afraid of the world, afraid of failure, and afraid of losing what they once had…what they think was success…Marbury is a little boy who needs some intensive psychiatric help and some good friends and family around him. The guy still has enormous talent (he should flashed of brilliance with the C’s) and remember…in 2007 the guy was averaging close to a double double (points/assists)…Thats only two years ago! However, I honestly believe that he has lost all confidence in his basketball abilities…The hesitation in his game was so apparent at the end of last year when he refused to take wide open- spot up 16 footers. He could also use a good trainer to put him some rigourous work (that guys like Pierce and Garnett go through all year round)and then perhaps, he needs to sign with a team to come off the bench… and then maybe…Marbury could once again become an impact player/starter. Having worked with and around troubled and great athletes in the past, there is no doubt in my mind that some medication in the form of an antidepressant might be increddibly helpful as well to get him back on track.
    You cannot tell me that Stephon believes Paul Pierce is a sub par player. Marbury no doubt came to Boston, and witnessed first hand the greatness of his play and the awe inducing love that the city and fans have for him. How could you sit on the bench, in the Boston garden, watch Pierce on the floor in the NBA playoffs and think any different! Marbury has never had that…He has never won “big games” that meant anything…nor has he ever raised an NBA Finals MVP trophy abover his head…New York never gave him even close to the respect and admiration that Boston fans give to PP. Stephon has never sat with two other allstars and future hall of famers and preached the philosophy of selflessness and team first. Stephon never became a winner…He was and can still be a great NBA point guard but unless he gets help both on and off the court he will be nothing more than a guy who wasted his talent and never tested the limits of his seemingly unlimited potential. It will be sad to see him fade out as a angry, jealous old man with nothing left but an shallow sense of self masked in a tough guy facade. Its unfortunate that his career now is being defined by boyish Twitter put-downs of respectable men like Pierce and Jaz Z, drug use, and crazy vaseline eating, media whorish behavior…The guy is looking for fame because he needs fame like so many other people to define who he is…Without it, he has no idea…He should start simple and go back to what made him start playing basketball in the first place…If he can recapture that…perhaps he can save his carreer and even more importantly…his life…

  • enox24

    hahaha, sorry just read this, but,
    Who the hell gives a rat’s-ass about “stats”, dipshit? Kobe and Wheelchair don’t play the same position. And if you want to talk “stats”, how many scoring titles does Wheelchair have? Exactly.”
    SCORING TITLES ARE BASED ON STATS. Just thought everyone should know of the intelligence level of f***ing Joseph