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What do Devin Harris, Donny Marshall & Reds Army Have in Common?

Daniels drive

The answer? We understand how important Marquis Daniels will be to this Celtics team.

Even though we were skeptical of his point guard skills, John and I recognized the importance of having a quality player, a guy who could start for many teams in the league, backing up Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

Comcast analyst Donny Marshall took it one step further when he compared the Daniels signing to Mark Texiera joining the Yankees.

Here's what Devin Harris, a teammate of Daniels in Dallas, had to say:

“He’s going to be great for them,” Harris said before Daniels had nine
points in the Celts’ 100-93 exhibition win over New Jersey yesterday.
“He’s an experienced player, very versatile, and a guy who’s got a high
basketball IQ. He can play different positions, whether it be point
guard or two or three or whatever they need him to play. He’s got a lot
of skills.”

“He can spell (Rajon) Rondo, he can spell Ray (Allen) or even Paul
(Pierce),” Harris continued. “But I think the guy who’s maybe going to
benefit the most is Eddie House. Having Marquis is going to allow him
to run free and not really have to worry about ballhandling
responsibilities. That’s how it worked with me sometimes.”

That's how it's worked at times in the preseason, and that's how we all hopes it works in the regular season, playoffs and NBA Finals.

Don't forget, Devin Harris is an intelligent player with impeccable decision making skills (see evidence here).

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  • Mark Teixera comparison makes no sense…But i do agree hes going to be huge for us, I knew it the minute we got word he would be signing here, Danny Granger last year called Marquis his robin to his batman, his sidekick and most reliable teammate as a starter, that and I saw him play very good against us last year (why the hell did Larry bird sign Dahntay Jones and let marquis go?)