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Tony Allen: Back too soon?

It's the obvious question after the Celtics latest tweet.

TA didn't practice and is not expected to travel to New Jersey and Hartford for next two games.

Here comes the barrage of "who gives a crap?" comments.  But we do have a vested interest in him being healthy and contributing.  Either he'll help the team with his play (stop laughing)… or he'll get SOME level of trade value.  Right now there's almost none.  He's just a $2.5 million line in the spreadsheet.

Maybe it won't matter.  Maybe you could throw him and Scal as expiring deals into a trade and take back $6 million worth of decent player at longer years (would Sacramento part with Beno Udrih?). But a healthy TA gives us at least a chance at sneaking a junk ball past another GM.

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  • thetitleisours

    One of the most frustrating players to ever wear a Celtics uniform.
    Unfortunately we may need him as Daniels tends to miss a few games during the year. Walker is out and who knows what is up with Giddens
    Speaking of Scal he should retire NOW. Anyway watch 6t0 minutes last night on concussions?
    Guys if you missed this you should check it out:

  • thetitleisours

    Anyone oops

  • It’s really too bad. T.A. seemed to be really be hitting the peak of his career a couple years back and then these injuries and a lack of playing. I really think things have taken a mental toll on him and his confidence. At this point in time, a new start may be the best possible thing for him.

  • Honestly, i dont care if we get anymore for him then a bag of balls, and Id rather him not help the team, because i just cant stand the kid or his game, good job getting death threats in a playoff series u cant even contribute bud, get rid of this knucklehead!!! for a cup of coffee and some donuts, i dont give a shit

  • Jason

    What do the injuries have to do with learning not to be spastic and out of control? And that includes on the defensive end where his rep is completely out of line with his real ability.
    I have no idea if he’s really a bonehead or not, but his track record on the court after this many years speaks for itself. He’s not a productive player period and there’s little benefit of the doubt left to think his potential will eventually turn into something and certainly not this year.
    Can he handle? No. Does he have an outside shot? No. Can he stay healthy? No. The guy is/was an incredible slasher, true, but that’s only the 50% of the time he could keep his hands on the ball, which as we know is an awful percentage.
    I also have no idea what his real off-court personality of lifestyle is, but let’s face it, he’s not helping himself in that regard, is he?
    All told, what does that add up to? Nothing, as is he’s worth nothing to the Celts. Not on the floor, not this year. His only value is his expiring contract and if DA can hook some other team on his potential, while disregarding the injury history, which would be remarkable at this point in time.
    As a basketball player, TA has been dead to me for some time. I would think by now all Celts fans would feel the same way, would just forget him altogether and move on.