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A case of love and hate

RedsArmyAdmin October 12, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on A case of love and hate

The alarm clock might as well be a sledgehammer at 6 am the morning after a Celtics/Red Sox/Patriots marathon day.  But I know I'm not alone.  A lot of us went from watching the C's (and then the last inning of the Red Sox season) to watching football the rest of the afternoon.  Including everyone on the Celtics.

“Everybody has their own teams and they’re rooting for their hometown,” said Michael Sweetney while he watched the game from his locker. “Especially with Sheed with Kansas City, Perk with Dallas, Paul (Pierce)
likes the (New England) Patriots, and I’m from D.C. so I’ve got the
(Washington) Redskins, we all just get around and talk trash. It brings
us together. We have a good time.”

“This is my first team being around something like this, just the
camaraderie, everything,” he said. “It’s just something special right
now. Like I told you before – and I’m not bad mouthing other teams –
the two teams I’ve been on (Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks), we’ve
never done this. Guys enjoy each other, not just on the floor.”

Check out the whole piece to get a glimpse of Rasheed Wallace's trash talking.

This is a great insight into team chemistry.  This is a good group of guys… and their camaraderie is a huge reason they're successful.  It makes you really love this team… so long as you're a C's fan to begin with.

Which brings to the "hate" portion of our headline… courtesy of Jeff Clark, who lists reasons opposing fans will have for hating every player on this team.  He finishes with:

The bottom line is that this team isn't going to win many
sportsmanship awards or popularity contests.  They are going to swagger
onto the court, stare the other team down, get in their ears, get in
their heads, feed off the home crowd, feed off the boos on the road,
and most importantly ….win.

Kinda reminds me of another guy that was actively hated around the league.  His name: Red Auerbach.

The hate we face as Celtics fans is a running theme lately.  We acknowledged it in August (using the love-hate baby photo again) when making a case for bringing one more hated player: Bruce Bowen.  And back in May, we figured we might as well embrace it… because there was no changing the fact that people hate us.

So I say again… soak it up.  Every win will just make it worse.  There's no going back now.  We're the bad guys.

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  • Rough day for the pats/sox yesterday…ughh

  • Yeah… that was tough.
    Oh well… It’s one distraction out of the way IMO. The only season I really hate seeing end is basketball season.

  • Joseph