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The Truth comes alive

RedsArmyAdmin October 11, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on The Truth comes alive

Pierce house rondo pregame

This preseason has been all about Kevin Garnett getting back in shape, Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels fitting in, and Kendrick Perkins showing signs of taking another step in his progression.

Today, it became about Paul Pierce reminding everyone he he's still the man.

Pierce went off for 25 points in 29 minutes.  He was 8 of 12 from the field, 2 of 5 from three point range and 7 of 8 from the line.  Pierce also led the team in minutes, with 29 today.  Beyond the numbers, Pierce played some pretty good D.  There was one possession where he swatted a guy, took off, and got a feed from Rondo for a fast-break 3 pointer.  

Kevin Garnett came out hot and ended up shooting 6 of 8 for a 12 point, 7 rebound day. 

Marquis Daniels had his best game of the preseason.  The 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist don't look entirely impressive at first glance… but he not only looked to distribute, he looked for his own shot a little more.  He also played some pretty good defense.  Aside from his blocked shot… he challenged a few others and was very disruptive. 

Eddie House was doing what he does:  13 points on 4 of 9 shooting (3-6 from 3).  He had a few of those catch-and-shoots that is off in a millisecond. 

The Celtics were cruising along to an easy win when the 3rd unit went out there against the Nets first unit.  Lester Hudson, JR Giddens, Michael Sweetney, Eddie House and Shelden Williams were on the floor when the Nets cut a big lead down to 3.  But the Nets starters couldn't close the deal… and the Celtics won it 100-93.

At the end of the game, Tommy turned to Mike Gorman and asked "what do you think?"  Mike said he was concerned that he hadn't seen the Rajon Rondo he expected.  Tommy said he wasn't worried.  Are you?

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  • JD

    Rondo did not have a notable preseason last year either, there’s nothing to worry about yet. He looks a little out of sync, but thats what the preseason is for, getting back into sync.

  • JD

    the only thing I am worried about is that his jumpshot does not look any better so far. he’s got the same basic form as last year, with the elbow tucked in a little bit

  • stoolFool

    its the first time hes using it in game situations. if he has the right form and keeps at it it should start falling. mark price is a damn good shooter.

  • JD

    I know, I’m just saying it really doesn’t look any different and the shots arent falling so far.

  • You’re right… they’re not falling. But the key thing to watch for is HOW he’s missing. If he’s missing right or left, his form is off. If he’s missing short or long…. he’s just figuring out some power issues..
    It’s really like Baby last season. All season long people told him to stop shooting. But he was missing short and long… not right or left. We knew if he kept going he’d figure it out.
    If Rajon is on target, but short or long… that’s a very good sign.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Nope, not worried at all. When you’re the man like Rondo’s the man, there’s no need to worry.

  • Pierce did really takeover at one point today, but I’m hoping he won’t need to do that too often this year. I am REALLY liking Big Baby being aggressive. He is taking it to the rack often and with power and speed. He can really help collapse the middle and get bigs on the other squad in foul trouble. Quis was just the man today-that steal he turned into a coast-to-coast layup was great. His game is just so subtle that he quietly does it all. And Sweetney buries 2 free throws to lock up the win-pissah! I went to today’s game and had a blast-can’t wait until Opening Night..

  • Jason

    Actually I believe the opposite. Pierce should be more aggressive more consistently. Other than Rondo (and Daniels to a degree, but he’s second-string), he’s the only one who can break down a defense and make something positive happen and so he should use that skill.
    Other than when he pounds it into the floor for 20 seconds and then takes a step-back J (which I despise as a go-to play, btw), good things happen when Pierce has the ball in his hands, especially when he’s attacking. He is easily the most complete and versatile offensive player on the team and should be utilized accordingly.
    We want Rondo breaking down the D and KG popping for open Js and Ray running off screens. Team ball is good as is having all those options, but we also want The Truth. When it’s finally his turn to do something, after Rondo’s hit a lay-up, after KG’s flushed an alley-oop, after Ray hit a wide-open 3, I don’t want him settling for perimeter shots just because things are going well for others and he doesn’t have to try too hard or “do too much.” I still want him in hungry attack mode all the time. Go to the rim and dish to the open man or finish the play plus the foul.
    I think it’s detrimental to him and the team to have the “We’d rather you rest so it’s ok you settle for more Js than attack” mentality. Not only is it bad throughout the game, then it’s pretty much unfair at the end of a close game to then say “We put a leash on you for 45 minutes, but now please be Superman and rescue us.”
    Pierce really isn’t that old. And it’s not like he was some high-flyer who’s lost his only skill (hops). He has the game to get anywhere on the floor he wants and then make the right decision with the ball.
    This is basically year 3 of “Let’s save Paul from having to do too much” and maybe the pendulum has swung too far. He used to lead the league in foul shots and that’s an elite and VERY valuable skill. So what if it came with an occasional bruise. To overly deter him from using that elite skill is simply put a net-negative.
    KG’s not in there getting opposing bigs in foul trouble. Perk doesn’t get enough touches to do so either. Ray or Eddie? Of course not. Rondo does, but only on occasion. Wallace isn’t down low enough to do that. Pierce can.
    He has more ability to control a game than any other Celt does and it would pay big dividends if he did so more often than just every once in awhile at the end of a close game.

  • Pierce is one of the most, if not the most underrated defenders in the game, its somewhat of a joke he gets no credit for it because of his past…Hes every bit the defender ron artest is these days, and also broke out of shell offensively today
    worried about rondo? no, although somewhat dissapointed to see him do nothing but defer and look out of sync, but as noted by someone else, uhh it actually took him till like a week in the regular season last year to get going…maybe hes a slow starter

  • Wow-great points. You really know your hoops/Celtics. I do agree & love P2 when he’s aggressively taking it to the rack.