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Get up Rajon!

RedsArmyAdmin October 11, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Get up Rajon!

Rondo dunk
Cool video and pic from today’s game.  Git on up Rajon!

I think we saw some flashes from Rondo today.  Now if only he can get back to blogging… or get on Twitter or something… I’ll be happy.

Click on photo for full size.
Photo courtesy Getty Images

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Aww, badass.

  • Finn

    So real

  • Lakersforlifekb24

    that dunk was not special what so ever! if you’re tryin to counter to shannon brown’s dunk, it aint happenin!!!!
    fukk da Celdicks!

  • wow, what a fucking little nerd this guy is huh?
    come back to me when Shannon Brown does something of substance in his career…this dunk had 0 to do with “countering”
    Anyways, im one of the biggest rondo fans out there, but he really hasnt shown anything in the preseason yet, all hes really done is look out of sorts and defer to all the talent around him, which the more there is the less he has to do…I always find it funny people say hesa product of the big 3 when all the kid does is sacrifice his numbers for the sake of the team

  • Lakersforlifekb24

    fukk you! the dunk was not that special to even be posted up!! thats all im sayin. its like this site is jus tryin to top the TLN.

  • Pretty good dunk for a 6 footer, noone cares about your opinion

  • Lakersforlifekb24

    so i assume everybody cares about your fukkin opinion?!