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The Week in Review

Chuck - Red's Army October 10, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Week in Review

We learned a lot this week, starting with the fact that Kevin Garnett can play basketball without a limp. We saw a slim-and-trim Kendrick Perkins and deemed this good for his game. It took us 10 minutes of watching Marquis Daniels to realize he can play the point.

You can hear all of this analysis in The 2 Man Game. The call-in show was graced by the presence of one Red's Army HOFer.

Danny Ainge admitted he reads blogs, and Doc Rivers predicted Rajon Rondo will wear green for his whole career. It's a good thing Doc doesn't listen to everybody, because some told him to pass on the Celtics job.

Ronmodel Remember former Celtic 1st round bust Joe Forte? This is what he's up to now-a-days.

Around the league, we saw Mikki Moore get dunked on, and Lamar Odom smoking weed.

Don't forget to check out pictures of the Turkish model Ron Artest hired to accompany him to an SI interview.

NBA GMs really like the Lakers chances this year, even though the Cavaliers have already printed Finals tickets.

Smallkg Did you know KG pisses intensity? It may have been why Ball Don't Lie declared KG the 2nd best player of the decade. Speaking of awards, Slam Magazine says Paul Pierce is the 17th best player in the league. 

For those wondering what I do when bored, check out this post.

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