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“‘I feel like a rookie”

Marquis v knicks

We've had more than a few conversations about Marquis Daniels around here.  My (and many others') take has been that he's this year's equivalent of the James Posey signing… a versatile guy who plays defense and provides a spark off the bench.

But Marquis, and the other new guys on the team, seem to be noticing very quickly that playing in Boston is different than playing somewhere else.  WEEI's Jess Camerato talked to Marquis after last night's game.

“I’m very excited. I told the guys the other day, I’m like, ‘I feel
like a rookie,’ ” Daniels said before the game. “I’m very excited to be
playing here. I’ve played in here on the other team and I knew there’d
be a big difference. The fans play a big role and they’re great.”

As for his play on the floor last night, it looked like Quis was trying to get comfortable out there being a distributor.  I turned to KWAPT (thanks for the tickets) and said "he's being unselfish almost to a fault out there."  Afterwards, I asked him about it on Twitter.    His response:

im working on my point/forward skills im surrounded by great scorers if
need be i'll score da ball

I continue to be impressed by him early in this preseason.  I equate what I saw last night to what I see when I watch a spring training baseball game.  Sometimes pitchers will want to work on a certain pitch and they might get hammered… but they're not pitching like they would during the regular season.  They're working on something.  Marquis is working on something too.  He's working on finding out where his teammate will be on the floor… where he fits in the offense… and when it's ok to go for his own offense. 

It's another little sign that this thing with him is going to work out.  He's approaching the game with a distributor's mindset.  He's trying to set up guys and work the offense.  Last night, the box score didn't show much…. and he didn't seem entirely comfortable out there yet.  But it's hard to think he won't figure it out very quickly.

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  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    OK…I predict a spoof coming…titled, “I feel like a Wookie.”
    On another note, RIP Steve Ferguson, original founding member/lead guitarist for that great, not quite late, band NRBQ (greatest bar band in the world). The cancer took another great one down.
    NRBQ was a frequent visitor in the north east of the US, so I’m thinking there could be some Q fans who visit RedsArmy. This won’t be making the evening news, so thanks for letting me go on this tangent and post about the passing of a truly great musician.
    Here is a link to a performance by Steve and one of his side projects:
    If you like that, go to youtube and type in Steve’s name, maybe add NRBQ to it for more results.
    Time to quit smoking all you cig smokers….

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Let me add, that video link has a bit of a lengthy introduction that you won’t have patience for unless you are a fan. To skip the intro, go to about the 2:15 mark, and commence the rockin.