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Chuck - Red's Army October 9, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on U-G-L-Y


What's uglier? Amy Winehouse or the basketball being played at the Garden right now?

I know it's only the second preseason game, but I am disappointed with the Celtics level of play. We heard nothing but rave reviews from Doc and the guys during training camp, yet they've opened the preseason with 6 quarters of crap basketball.

For those seeking real entertainment, follow John's tweets from the Garden.

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  • Currently at the game and this is really ugly ball.. Both teams well under 40% shooting and 9 turnovers each… Hope they pick it up in the second half

  • Always a good sign when the garden is at it’s loudest on a scal three haha

  • JD

    That is quite possibly the scariest picture of a human being I have ever seen

  • lmao…Yeah I agree….terrible basketball tonight…Mike and tommy just ended with saying an impressive performance by the celtics tonight…hmmm….no it was just a worse performance by the Knicks..

  • Oh…not all negative, I thought Sheed and Perk looked good, other then that…ehh

  • Jason

    The Celts took 21 threes and 22 FTs. Sheed took 9 (twice as many as any other Celts) and zero, respectively. This will drive me nuts if it happens consistently during the season.

  • Nora

    Relax it is preseason

  • brain dead

    hopefully this year we would play our best ball come spring. i dont mind see a slow start to the season winnig some ugly games.

  • seconded