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Ray: “this is the best my feet have felt”

Ray allen preseason

A few days ago, we all were slightly taken aback by the Ball Don't Lie preview that included Kelly Dwyer bringing up Ray Allen's ankles again.  Today, we're hearing about Ray's ankles from Ray himself

“Great,’’ he said about the ankles. “I was telling Marquis [Daniels]
earlier, all the drills that we do defensively, when I came here in ’08
. . . every time I stepped down, I felt like crunchiness, like it was
just stinging me. But training camp-wise, this is the best my feet have

Crunchiness?  Ugh… gross. 

This is part of the Globe's piece on Ray Allen and his goal of coming into the season in the best shape of his life… which is something we've known about since August.  They got a little more detail.

“I did do a lot more this summer. I never really eat too bad but a lot
things, you know you go to barbecues and eat more hot dogs and
cheeseburgers on the grill, I cut that back a little earlier. It was
just one of those things that felt necessary.’’

Sorry, that's a deal breaker for me.  Besides, getting into the best blogging shape of my life includes warming up for the hamburger and hot dog barbecue with a cheesecake and Doritos. 

The guys are playing the Knicks tonight at the Garden.  I'll be there to watch it, so we won't be live blogging or doing a show.  If you missed last night's show where we reviewed preseason game one, you can go to our show page to listen or download it.

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  • G4L

    Us “RedsSoldiers” oughta meet up & watch the game at Boston Beerworks sometime this year.
    I know this was attempted before but I think it’ll be more successful this time around.
    PS We’ll all buy shirts and fly in Jester.

  • Hah.. I like it.
    We can definitely find a game to watch in town with all the local soldiers

  • Reality

    Just make sure it isn’t against the Houston Rockets. Apparently the Celtics have a tough time against one of the worst Western Conference teams. Why not try a game against Milwaukee. Might be a good night of drinking against them.